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Alexander Wynch – Genealogy

This page draws from other posts to piece together the genealogy of Alexander Wynch, Governor of Madras in the second half of the eighteenth century.

Paternal Lineage


From contemporary records (notably wills and apprenticeship bonds) it has been possible to trace Alexander’s most likely origins back to James Wynch of Bray (will dated 1589, proved 1590).

Set out below is the short-form descendancy from James Wynch to Alexander, and more information on the discoveries and background documents will, in due course, be brought forward in future posts.

1. JAMES WYNCH (211 211 211 111 11) of Bray, Berkshire (d.1590)

1590 James Wynch of Bray

James had issue including:

a. ROBERT WYNCH (211 211 211 111 1) of Bray, Berkshire (d.1618) who married firstly Joane LUTMAN the daughter of Roger Lutman of Cookham, Berkshire, Yeoman (whose will was dated Jan 30 1581/2);

1618 Robert Wynche of Bray

Robert and Joane had issue:

i) Symon Wynch (will dated 7th October 1643, proved [ ] 1646) who married Ellen or Eleanor Loggins, baptised 16th September 1571 at White Waltham, Berks (IGI), daughter and heir of Symon Loggins (who married Elizabeth Foord the daughter of Thomas Foord of White Waltham, Berks), the son of Robert Loggins and his wife Elianor Stafferton daughter and sole heir of Henry Stafferton (or Staverton) of Warfield, Berks; and had issue:

1646 Symon Winch

A. Richard Winch of Fyfield or Fifield in Bray, gentleman (d. 1658; will dated 3rd August 1657; proved 9th February 16589) who married Mary Mayot the daughter of Thomas Mayott of Culham, Oxfordshire and had issue:

1658 Richard Winch of Fifield

a) Simon Winch of Fifield who married Mary Byshop the daughter of Robert Bysshopp of Bray and had issue:

‘1. Simon Winch of Fifield, Bray, gentleman (will dated 4th November 1699; proved 10th April 1700) who married Ann Bishop (brother of George Bishop, gent., died before 6th January 1706) (will dated 6th January 1706, proved 10th November 1712) and had issue:

1700 Simon Winch of Fifield Bray
1712 Anne Winch of East Oakley Bray

‘a. Richard Winch (his father left him leases of lands at Didworth in the Parish of New Windsor, Fifield, East Oakely and Winkfield)

‘b. John Winch (his mother left him several parcels of land at Bray called Sparkbarrow, Long Close, Guelins and Askins – all late the lands of her brother George Bishop)

‘c. Elizabeth Winch who married William Davis

‘d. Mary Winch who married Edward Cotterell

‘e. Ann Winch who married Thomas King

‘f. Elinor Winch

‘2. Richard Winch

‘3. Robert Winch

‘4. Mary Winch

b) Mary Winch who married John Blake of Reading and had issue including:

‘1. Rev Charles Blake (1664-1730) b. Reading, Berkshire; Archdeacon of York; d. 22nd November 1730 at Wheldrake, East Riding of Yorkshire

c) Elianor Winch

B. Simon Winch who married Ann Montague of Winkfield

C. Elizabeth Winch who married William Powney of Bray, yeoman (will dated 27th November 1654; proved 18th December 1654) and had issue:

a) Ann Powney who married Noah Barnard and had issue:

‘1. Noah Barnard baptised 10th March 16701 Cookham, Berks (IGI) was apprenticed 7th November 1684 to Nathaniell Winch DISTILLERS COMPANY

C. Ellen or Elianor Winch who married Simon Beckley of Fifield in Bray

D. Jane Winch (will dated 23rd November 1676, proved 9th August 1680) who married John Page of Bray, gent (will dated 21st December 1654, proved 20th October 1657), the son of Randolph Page of Bray and his wife [ ? ] Eldridge of Middlesex and grandson of John Page Keeper of the Wardrobe to Henry VIII and his wife Mary Fowler (daughter of [ ? ] Fowler, Alderman of London), and had issue:

1680 Jane Page
1657 John Page

[a) Symon Page (referred to in his father’s will but not his mother’s)

b) John Page (referred to in his father’s will but not his mother’s)

c) Thomas Page of Bray, gent. (referred to in his mother’s will but not his father’s) who had issue:

‘1. Jane Page

‘2. Sarah Page

d) Cicely Page married [ ? ] Farmer (referred to in her father’s will but not her mother’s)

e) Elizabeth Page (referred to in her father’s will but not her mother’s)

f) Jane Page who married Capt. Abraham Spooner of Burnham, Bucks and had issue:

‘1. Jane Spooner

‘2.  John Spooner

g) Elinor Page who married Samuell Nelson and had issue:

‘1. Samuell Nelson (overseas at the time of his grandmother’s will)

‘2. Abraham Nelson

‘3. Jane Nelson]

E. Mary Winch who married John Periman of Farnham Royal in Buckinghamshire; they had issue:

a) Symon Perryman who married Frances Umfreville and had issue:

‘1. Mary Perryman

F. Ann Winch who married Henry Southen of Stanwell, Middlesex

ii) Richard Winche, Clothier of Reading, Berks (will dated 8th November 1629, proved 21st November 1633) bur. 6th August 1633 at St Mary’s Church Reading, “a Burgess of the town and a good man to the poor”; was made guardian of his father’s youngest son by his first marriage and all five children of his second marriage when, shortly after his father Robert’s death in 1618, his step-mother died in 1619 leaving six orphaned children. He married Judith Lydall (will dated 20th September 1637, proved 17th October 1637) bur. 28th September 1637 at St Mary’s Church Reading, “widow, a good woman to the poor and a good neighbour”, the daughter of Thomas Lydall of Reading, gent (will dated 6th March 16067, proved 10th December 1608) and his wife Margery (Drewe?); Richard and Judith had issue:

1633 Richard Winch of Reading
1637 Judith Wynch

A. Judith Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 7th November 1604; buried St Mary’s Church Reading 9th March 16045;

B. Ann Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 11th May 1606; married 4th May 1625 at St Mary’s Church Reading to Robert Mayot of St Nicholas Abingdon, gent (will dated 13th November Charles I 19; proved 13th August 1646 in which he refers to lands at Fifield, Bray and a house at Abingdon) and had issue:

1646 Robert Mayott

a) Alice Mayott;

b) John Mayott;

c) Elizabeth Mayott;

d) Ann Mayott;

e) Robert Mayott;

f) Thomas Mayott;

g) Richard Mayott;

C. Elizabeth Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 21st January 16078; married at St Mary’s Church Reading 9th April 1629 to William Gandye;

D. Mary Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 10th February 16089; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 3rd March 16089;

E. Judith Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 15th April 1610; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 15th November 1614;

F. Richard Winch Master of Arts and Fellow of Oriel College, oxford (will dated 16th January 16456; proved 6th January 16467) baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 25th August 1611;

G. Mary Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 5th October 1612; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 8th March 16301;

H. Robert Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 15th May 1614; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 22nd September 1635 “son of widow Winch”;

I. Jane Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 11th August 1615; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 30th December 1617;

J. Thomas Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 15th September 1616; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 7th April 1619;

K. Judith Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 18th November 1617; married 15th September 1634 at St Mary’s Church Reading to William Thorne (probably baptised 4th October 1609 at St Mary’s Church Reading the son of George Thorne);

L. Katherine Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 3rd February 16189; buried at St Mary’s Church Reading 10th January 16201;

M. Ellin Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 26th March 1620;

N. Thomas Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 6th May 1621; living January 16456;

O. John Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 12th November 1622; living January 16456;

P. Jane Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 4th January 16234;

Q. James Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 5th September 1625; Apprenticed to John Bunburie 8th November 1641 GROCERS; living January 16456;

R. Simon Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 5th September 1625; living January 16456;

iii) Robert Wynch

iv) James Winche, Clothier of Reading, Berks (will dated 9th August 1665; proved 28th September 1665) married firstly Ann who died 20th June 1639 and had issue:

1665 James Winch

A. Robert Winch baptised St Mary’s Church Reading 19th November 1614;

James married secondly 21st December 1643 at St Mary’s Church Reading as her second husband (she had issue by her first husband) Sara Fellow and had issue:

B. Sarah Winch;

v) Elizabeth Winch who married Thomas Grove

vi) Grace Winch who married William Lewyn

vii) Ann Winch who married Robert Groave

viii) Mary Winch who married William Groave

ix) William Winch (<21 in 1619; living 19th July 1676)  of Reading, Broadweaver – he was probably the last son by Robert’s first marriage rather than his first by his second wife; he had issue:

A. James Wynch, apprenticed 12th August 1645 to Peter Morris, FARRIERS

ROBERT WYNCH  (211 211 211 111 1)  married secondly Joane HATHORNE  (211 211 211 111 2) who was baptised 5th January 1572 at Binfield, Berkshire and died 18th February 16189, and who was the daughter of William HATHORNE (211 211 211 111 21) the elder of Bray, yeoman of Bray  (will dated 13th September 1620, proved 1st July 1626) and his wife (married on 25th June 1570Ann PERKINS  (211 211 211 111 22)  who died in 1626. They had issue:

1618 Robert Wynche of Bray

i) Richard Wynch

ii) John WYNCH (211 211 211 111) ( -1675), Citizen and Haberdasher of London, married firstly in 1633 to Ann GIBBS (211 211 211 112) daughter of John GIBBS  (211 211 211 112) originally from Dunchideock, Devon but late of St Dunstan in the West, London (his will was dated October 23, 1622 and was proved November 2, 1622) and Anne his wife; they had issue[1]:

1675 John Wynch of London Haberdasher

A. John WINCH baptised December 11, 1640 at St Bride Fleet Street, London; buried 20th March 1644 at St Bride Fleet Street

B. Ann WYNCH married by licence[2] dated 29th October 1663 at St Olave Old Jewry, London to William WALTHAM; they had issue:

a)  John WALTHAM


c) Susan WALTHAM

d) Sarah WALTHAM


C. Judith WYNCH baptised 16th August 1646 at St Bride Fleet Street, London; she married by licence[3] on April 13, 1669 at St Katherine Creechurch, London to John BURT; they had issue:

a) John BURT
b) Susanna BURT, born January 31, 1671/2, baptised 5th February 1671/2 at St Vedast Foster Lane & St Michael le Quere, London, and married March 23, 1692 at St Mary Abchurch, London to Robert PEAD, Citizen and Apothecary of London; they had issue:

‘1. Robert PEAD, born 19th January 1693-4, baptised 19th January 1693-4 at St Olave’s Old Jewry, London, and died 21st September 1705.

‘2. Susanna PEADE, born 30th June 1695, baptised 1st July 1695 at St Olave, Old Jewry, London, and was buried 9th October 1695 at St Olave Jewry, London

Robert Pead, Citizen and Apothecary of London, widower, married secondly, and as her second husband, Hester Wynch (211 211 211 2), widow of John Wynch (211 211 211 1), and the daughter of William Rous (211 211 211 21).

D. Robert WYNCH (211 211 211 11) Citizen and Haberdasher of London, baptised 28th November 1647 at St Bride Fleet Street and was buried 25th July 1676 at St Bride’s Fleet Street:; he married (licence[4] dated 3rd August 1672) at St Bartholemew The Great, London 3rd August 1672  Susanna HENBURY (211 211 211 12), (the daughter of James HENBURY (211 211 211 121) and his wife Susanna JOHNSON (211 211 211 122)), who was born 19th July 1657 and was baptised 28th July 1657 at St Bride Fleet Street; Susanna, widow of Robert Wynch, married secondly to William Rous; they had issue:

1676 Robert Wynch Haberdasher
1654 James Henbury

a) John WYNCH (211 211 211 1), born 31st July 1673 and baptised 12th August 1673 at St Giles Cripplegate; hemarried Hester Rous (211 211 211 2) 22nd May 1694 at St Bartholemew the Great, London; they had issue:

‘1. William WYNCH who was baptised 14th September 1695 at St Michael, Highgate; he was buried 9th October 1695 at St Olave Jewry, London (on the same day and at the same church as Susanna Pead noted above NB: error in father’s name);

‘2. Hester WYNCH who died unmarried was baptised 15th June 1697 at St Michael, Highgate.

‘3. John WYNCH (211 211 211) was baptised 6th October 1698 at St Michael, Highgate; he married at All Hallows Staining on 25th February 1719/20 to Mary KENTON (211 211 212), daughter of Captain Alexander Kenton, Mariner, of Bermondsey and his wife Margaret Peters, the daughter of Peter Peters, Surgeon, of Dover; they had issue:

1719 Alexander Kenton

‘a. Alexander WYNCH (211 211 21), (Governor of Madras) who was baptised on 2nd January 1720/1 at St Gregory by St Paul, London

‘4. Reverend Robert WYNCH, Chaplain of Fort St. George, Madras from 1731, born 5th December 1699  and baptised 8th December 1699 at St Olave’s Old Jewry, London (“the son of John Winch, gentleman and Hester his wife” Parish Records). He was the second husband of Margaret MANSELL (who married firstly Francis ROUS, brother of Sir William ROUSaccording to Penny, head of the Suffolk family but this does not seem to be borne out by research –  by whom she had four daughters).  He died 28th December 1748 at Madras.

‘5. William WYNCH, born 27th February 1701-2  and baptised 1st March 1701-2 at St Olave’s Old Jewry, London; he married (as her second husband Mary [GUNTER]

E. Susanna WYNCH married 24th December 1669 to Charles HARPER; they had issue (before 1675):

a) Susan HARPER baptised 19th January 1672 at St Dunstan in the West, Fleet Street

b) Elizabeth HARPER baptised 13th February 1675/6 at St Dunstan in the West, Fleet Street

John Wynch, Haberdasher, married secondly (by licence[5] dated 27th September 1666) to Susanna MARKLAND (widow of William Markland of St Michael Wood Street London, Freeman of the Company of Innholders –  will dated 2nd May 1664; proved 19th January 1664/5) on 2nd October 1666 at St Mary, Stoke Newington, and previously widow of James Henbury, daughter of George JOHNSON by his wife Katherine HASTINGS); hedied in 1675 and was buried at St Bride, Fleet Street on 1st November 1675.

1675 John Wynch of London Haberdasher
1664 William Markland
1654 James Henbury
1641 George Johnson Dyer
1673 Katherine Johnson

iii) Joane WINCH married on 20th December 1625 at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London to William MATTINGLY (son, by the first marriage to William Mattingly (will dated 17th February 1614/5; proved 14th November 1615; challenged 16th February 1619/20), and Ann LOGGINS who married secondly to Nathaniel HATHORNE (brother of Joane HATHORNE see above; will dated 27th September 1652; proved 29th July 1654 – in which he refers to “my nephew John Winche and his wife Anne Winche” and “my kinsman John Winche of London, Haberdasher”), whose second wife Martha WHISTLER (will dated 24th September 1666; proved 9th November 1666) referred to John Winch of the Parish of St Giles without Cripplegate (“my kinsman”)

1615 William Mattingley
1654 Nathaniell Hathorne
1666 Martha Hathorne

iv) Judith WINCH (will dated 8th April 1684; proved 19th August 1684) who married on or shortly after 6th August 1650 William EDRIDGE or Etheridge of Aspiden, Herts (will dated 5th August 1678; proved 17th November 1678 in which he refers to a “deed made by me and sealed before my intermarriage with the said Judith unto John Winch and William Mattingly”;

1684 Judith Edridge
1680 William Edridge

v) George Wynch

b. RICHARD WYNCH the elder of Bray, Berkshire, yeoman (d.1618) who possibly married Joane POWNEY (referred to as Joane Winche in the will of Jone Hawthorn of East Ockley, Bray, widow – dated June 28 1577 – in which she also refers to her sons William Hawthorne and Richard Powney and son-in-law Richard Winche); they had issue:

i) James Winch who married and had issue (before 1618):

A. Elizabeth Winch

B. Jane Winch

ii) Ann Winch who married [ ? ] Smyth

c. William Wynch (presumably died before his father’s will was written in 1589) who had issue:

i) James Wynch

d. Thomas Wynch (presumably died before his father’s will was written in 1589) who had issue:

i) Thomas Wynch

ii) Elizabeth Wynch

e. Catherine Wynch who married firstly Thomas Foord and had issue; she married secondly William Slye and had issue.

[1] It is thought (from IGI evidence) John married first to Ann, with whom he had issue and subsequently married Susanna (hence Robert Wynch’s reference in his will to Susanna as ‘My Mother in Law’

[2] From London Marriage Licences 1521-1869: Waltham, William of Cliffords Inn, gent, bachelor, about 26 and Anne Winch of St Giles Cripplegate, spinster, about 23, consent of father John Winch, leatherseller – at St Mary Colechurch or St Olave Old Jury 12th November 1663

[3] Marriage Licence from the Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Harleian Society 1669 to 1679 vol. 34): 10th April 1669 John Burt of St Clement Danes, Middx, Goldsmith, Bachelor, about 34 and Judith Wynch of St Giles Cripplegate, London, Spinster, about 22, at her own disposal, at St James, Duke’s Place or St Katherine’s Creechurch, London

[4] From London Marriage Licences 1521-1869: Winch, Robert of St Giles Cripplegate, gent, bachelor about 24, and Susan Henbury of same, spinster, about 24 – at Great St Bartholemew, London 3rd August 1672

[5] From London Marriage Licences 1521-1869: Winch, John (Wynch) of Bowe, Middlesex, widower, about 50 and Suzanne Markland of same, widow, about 40 – at Newington or Bromley, Middx 27th September 1666

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Collected Transcribed Wills

As part of my research into family history I have come across a substantial number of wills – some used to check facts, some used to challenge hypothesised relationships and some used simply to try to find references through people in the same place at the same time (the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack approach).

You should be able to search for wills and documents using the table below. Happy hunting!

Where the TAGS column has a number in it, this identifies that the testator was a direct ancestor of my daughter and, by working backwards from the first character, it shows 1 (father) or 2 (mother) in preceding generations. The number of characters represents the number of generations back from my daughter.

Using the numerical code, I can quickly tell whether an ancestor is a maternal (starts with 2) or paternal (starts with 1). A paternal great grandfather (all on the male side) would have the number 111, whereas his wife would be 112.

1806 William Perks of Wolverhampton Blacksmith12th May 1806 At Wolverhampton the 12th day of May 1806 before the Reverend Thomas …,
1772 William Perks of Wolverhampton, Gentleman28th April 1772 I William Perks of Wolverhampton in the County of Stafford Gentleman being …, ,
1657 John Phillips of Brockton, Shropshire9th October 1657 In the name of God Amen; the ninth day of October in …, , , , , ,
1812 Mary Thomason of Kemberton (Widow)13th March 1812 This is the last will and testament of me Mary Thomason of …, , , , ,
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1852 Phillis Bown Thomason11-2146-0623_PhillisBownThomason_1852 In the name of God, I PhillisBown THOMASON, widow of Edward THOMASON, Knight, now …, , , , , , , , , , , ,
1804 Jane Thomason11-1418-0368_Jane Thomason_1804 This is the last will and testament of me, Jane THOMASON of Stourbridge …, , , , ,
1849 Sir Edward Thomason Kt11-2103-0296_SirEdwardThomasonKt_1849 In the name of God, Amen, I Sir Edward THOMASON, Knight, residing at 50, …,
1847 Ann Thomason, Spinster11-2066-0482_AnnThomason_1847 In the name of God, Amen. I Ann THOMASON, Spinster, daughter of the late …, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
1844 Henry Botfield Thomason11-1996-_HenryBotfieldThomason_1844 This is the last will and testament of me, Henry Botfield THOMASON of Mathon …, ,
1747 John Noxon11-0758-0020_JohnNoxon_1747 The seventh day of December one thousand seven hundred and forty four, I John …, , , , , , ,
1837 Elizabeth Covey11-1877-0764_ElizabethCovey_1837 I, Elizabeth COVEY, widow, do make this my last will and testament. I give …, , , , ,
1834 William Covey11-1827-0438_WilliamCovey_1834 I William COVEY of the Parish of Knockholt in the County of Kent, Surgeon, …, , ,
1823 Mary Thomason11-1675-0020_MaryThomason_1823 In the name of God, Amen, I Mary THOMASON, widow, of Birmingham in the …, , , , ,
1794 Edward ThomasonEdwardThomason_1794 In the name of God, Amen. I Edward THOMASON of Birmingham in the County …, , , , , , , , , , ,
1797 Richard Thomason11-1291-0621_RichardThomason_1797 This is the last will and testament of me, Richard THOMASON of Houghton in …, , , , , , , ,
Durnsford-McVeagh1819_Chancery_Bazett-v-Stevenson In Chancery – Bazett etc against Stevenson – Order Lord Chancellor: Friday the twenty …
1879 Family of CoghillThe Family of Coghill by James Henry Coghill, 1879 (transcribed and annotated by Julian D …,
Coghills and CramersA Genealogical Note on the Family of Cramer or Coghill From Materials collected by BERTRAM …, , , , , , , , , ,
1800s The Charlotte LettersCorrespondence to Charlotte McVeagh (née Brooke), Ferdinand Meath McVeagh and Maria McVeagh (née Rotheram) Contents March 1813 from W …, , , , , , ,
1689 Ralph Lord Stawell11-0397-450_RalphLordStawell_1689 In the name of God Amen. I Ralph Lord STAWELL, Baron of Somerton in …, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
1689 Richard Winch11-0394-879_RichardWinch_1689 In the name of God. Amen. I Richard WINCH of Newton in the County …
1688 Robert Pitt11-0394-812_RobertPitt_1688 In the name of God. Amen. The one and thirtieth day of October in …
1687 William Pitt11-0390-1028_WilliamPitt_1687 This is the last will and testament of me, William PITT of Dorchester in …
1687 John Cradocke11-0388-132_JohnCradocke_1687 In the name of God. Amen. I John CRADOCKE of London, Gent., being sick …
1686 Elizabeth Ireton11-0384-61_ElizabethIreton_1686
1684 Susannah Charlton11-0378-38_SusannaCharlton_1684
1684 Christopher Pitt11-0377-353_ChristopherPitt_1684
1684 Sir George Savage11-0377-237_SirGeorgeSavage_1684
1684 William Croune11-0377-150_WilliamCroune_1684
1680 Jane Page11-0363-511_JanePage_1680
1680 Edward Wake11-0364-132_EdwardWake_1680
1680 Sir Henry Barnard11-0363-156_SirHenryBarnard_1680
1680 Richard Winch11-0363-83_RichardWinch_1680
1679 Thomas Pead11-0362-1439_ThomasPead_1679
1679 Anne Sheppard11-0360-304_AnneSheppard_1679
1676 Thomas Lane11-0352-122_ThomasLane_1676
1675 Sir John Lowther Bt11-0350-208_SirJohnLowtherBt_1675
1568 Sir John Yorke11-0051-30_SirJohnYorke_1568
1675 John Peade11-0349-246_JohnPeade_1675
1675 Priscilla Pead11-0349-101_PriscillaPead_1675
1675 George Savage11-0348-175_GeorgeSavage_1675
1673 William Pitt11-0344-515_WilliamPitt_1673
1673 Stephen Charlton11-0343-394_StephenCharlton_1673
1670 Thomas Wynch11-0335-1347_ThomasWynch_1670
1670 Sir George Morton Bt11-0335-1108_SirGeorgeMortonBt_1670
1670 John Munck11-0334-181_JohnMunck_1670
1670 Robert Charlton11-0332-576_RobertCharlton_1670
1668 John Hathorne11-0329-1180_JohnHathorne_1668
1668 Elizabeth Powney11-0328-300_ElizabethPowney_1668
1668 John Ridout11-0326-530_JohnRidout_1668
1667 Benjamin Winch11-0325-452_BenjaminWinch_1667
1635 Hercules Hastings11-0168-255_HerculesHastings_1635
1667 Dorothy Cradocke11-0323-349_DorothyCradocke_1667
1627 Simon Hastings11-0153-234_SimonHastings_1627
1637 Charles Hastings11-0174-151_CharlesHastings_1637
1666 Judith Markland11-0321-303_JudithMarkland_1666
1665 Michael Markland11-0319-319_MichaelMarkland_1665
1713 Dame Eleanor Wandesford – extractDame Eleanor Wandesford 1713
1687 Sir Christopher Wandesford Bt11-0387-112_SirChristopherWandesfordBt_1687
1665 James Winch11-0317-1754_JamesWinch_1665
1665 Mary Witt11-0317-1405_Mary Witt_1665
1664 William Markland11-0316-65_WilliamMarkland_1664
1664 Richard Deller11-0314-151_RichardDeller_1664
1663 Leonard Peade11-0313-52_LeonardPeade_1663
1662 Hugh Smith11-0307-444_HughSmith_1662
1657 Adam Lawrence11-0268-196_AdamLawrence_1657
1660 Dame Alice Wandesford11-0298-609_DameAliceWandesford_1660
1637 Drew Webb11-0176-60_DrewWebb_1637
1656 John Dunlin11-0256-288_JohnDunlin_1656
1653 John Hicks11-0240-118_JohnHicks_1653
1653 Asaph Atkinson11-0232-445_AsaphAtkinson_1653
1647 Andrew Searle11-0200-488_AndrewSearle_1647
1843 Stephen Phillips01-Wilts-1843-0001_StephenPhillips_1843
1607 Alice Pennington11-0110-749_AlicePennington_1607
1592 Humfrey Staverton11-0081-183_HumfreyStaverton_1592
1592 Thomas Skeffington11-0080-254_ThomasSkeffington_1592
1589 Sir Martin Calthropp11-0073-379_MartinCalthropp_1589
1584 Joane Crafford widow11-0067-241_JoaneCrafford_1584
1575 John Leveson11-0057-JohnLeveson_1575
1568 Nicholas Leveson11-0050-69_NicholasLeveson_1568
1556 Dame Julian Norwich11-0038-58_DameJulianNorwich_1556
1552 Guy Crafford11-0036-35_GuyCrafford_1552
1537 Thomas Bodley11-0027-53_ThomasBodley_1537
1535 Sir Robert Norwich11-0025-172_RobertNorwich_1535
1533 Sir William Butler11-0025_SirWilliamButteler_1533
1527 Thomas Osborn11-0022-212_ThomasOsborne_1527
1524 Elizabeth Tyrell11-0021-162_ElizabethTyrell-widow_1524
1506 George Bradbury11-0015-59_GeorgeBradbury_1506
1593 William Leveson11-0082-47_William Leveson_1593
1591 Dame Mary Leveson11-0078-26_DameMaryLeveson_1591
1583 William Leveson11-0065-138_WilliamLeveson_1583
1580 Mary Leveson11-0062-379_MaryLeveson_1580
1576 Thomas Leveson11-0058-197_ThomasLeveson_1576
1576 Thomas Hewett11-0058-99_ThomasHewett_1576
1572 Thomas Leveson11-0055-35_ThomasLeveson_1572
1560 Dionyse Leveson11-0043-463_DionyseLeveson_1560
1553 Walter Leveson11-0036-189_WalterLeveson_1553
1547 James Leveson11-0031-373_JamesLeveson_1547
1539 Nicholas Leveson11-0027-251_NicholasLeveson_1539
1626 William HathorneBerks-1626_WilliamHathorne-Bray
1530 Dame Johanne Bradbury11-0023-129_DameJohanneBradbury_1530
1510 Sir Thomas Bradbury11-0016-203_ThomasBradbury_1510
1492 Sir Thomas Bodley11-0009-214_SirThomasBodley_1492
1635 Thomas HathorneThomas Hathorne of East Oakley, Bray, 1635
1856 Charlotte Maria Wynch11-2239-231_CharlotteMariaWynch_1856
1856 Peter Bourchier Wynch11-2238-102_PeterBourchierWynch_1856
1855 Dame Florentia Sale11-2216-744_DameFlorentiaSale_1855
1842 Flora Willis11-1972-904_FloraWillis1842
1841 Paul Marriott Wynch11-1948-439_PaulMarriottWynch_1841
1837 Rhoda Wynch11-1873-1896_RhodaWynch_1837
1832 Florentia Watts11-1797-499_FlorentiaWatts_1832
1826 Folliott Augusta Wynch11-1708-20_FolliottAugustaWynch_1826
1823 George Wynch11-1673-416_GeorgeWynch_1823
1815 William Wynch11-1618-521_WilliamWynch_1815
1813 Alexander Wynch11-1543-991_AlexanderWynch_1813
1811 Joseph McVeagh11-1520-230_JosephMcVeagh_1811
1808 Jane Maria Shaw11-1489-40_JaneMariaShaw_1808
1808 Randall William Shaw11-1489-39_RandallWilliamShaw_1808
1802 Florentia Wynch11-1381-151_FlorentiaWynch_1802
1799 John Wynch11-1328-102_JohnWinch_1799
1795 Charles Wynch11-1267-90-91_CharlesWynch_1795
1793 Francis Wynch11-1237-130_FrancisWynch_1793
1792 Mary Wynch of Marylebone11-1219-93_MaryWynch-widow_1792
1786 Frances King11-1137-253_FrancesKing_1786
1783 Elizabeth Winch of Westminster11-1104-175_ElizabethWinch_1783
1783 Florentia King11-1099-251_FlorentiaKing_1783
1782 Hannah Casamajor11-1098-33_HannahCassamajor_1782
1782 William Smyth King11-1097-242_WilliamSmythKing_1782
1781 Alexander Wynch11-1078-303_AlexanderWynch_1781
1779 Elizabeth Winch of London11-1054-314_ElizabethWinch-widow_1779
1776 William Wynch of Marylebone11-1022-145_WilliamWynch_1776
1767 George Pitt Cradock11-0931-141_GeorgePittCradock_1767
1754 Hester Wynch of London11-0809-284_HesterWynch_1754
1752 John Winch of Kensworth11-0793-75_JohnWinch-Kensworth_1752
1750 John Winch of Westminster11-0780-261_JohnWinch-Westminster_1750
1750 John Winch of Bray11-0779-1554_JohnWinch_1750
1748 Margaret Graham11-0768-247_MargaretGraham_1748
1744 John Winch of Lowbrooks in Bray11-0733-115_JohnWinch_1744
1743 Sir William Rous of Clapham11-0724-457_SirWilliamRous_1743
1738 John Winch of Woolwich11-689-355_JohnWinch-Woolwich_1738
1737 John Winch of Wargrave11-0683-215_JohnWinch-Wargrave_1737
1735 Richard Winch of Shoppenhangers in Bray11-0674-388_RichardWinch_1735
1733 George Winch of London11-0662-364_GeorgeWinch_1733
1721 Anne Winch11-0582-_AnneWinch_1721
1719 William Rous Apothecary11-0572-182_WilliamRous-Apothecary_1719
1719 Alexander Kenton11-0570-398_AlexanderKenton_1719
1718 John Winch of St Paul Shadwell11-0567-148_JohnWinch-Mariner_1718
1718 Anne Winch of Kingston11-0558-292_AnneWinch-Kingston_1718
1716 William Warre of Madras11-0555-410_WilliamWarre_1716
1716 Christopher Cradock of Madras11-0554-290_ChristopherCradock_1716
1714 Sarah Pitt11-0543-342_SarahPitt_1714
1712 Anne Winch of East Oakley Bray11-0530-18_AnneWinch-widow_1712
1705 John Pitt of Madapollum11-0487-027_JohnPitt-Madapollum_1705
1700 Simon Winch of Fifield Bray11-0455-261_SimonWinch_1700
1699 Robert Winch of Waltham St Lawrence11-0453-175_RobertWinch_1699
1690 Luke Justice11-0401-172_LukeJustice_1690
Alexander Wynch – GenealogyThis page draws from other posts to piece together the genealogy of Alexander Wynch, Governor …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Rous of TopshamThe origins of William Rous, Apothecary and Citizen of London are by no means easy …
Cogs and CogwareThe origins of the name Coghill have been a mystery.  One supposition by Willliam Wheater …
C14 Close RollsThe earliest mention I have found of Coghill or Coghull in Yorkshire is in the …
1694 Mary Kenton11-0424-542_MaryKenton_1694
1693 William Henbery11-0418-74_WilliamHenbery-Clerk_1693
1692 Dame Mary FrederickDameMaryFrederick_1692
1685 Sir John Frederick11-0380-16870_SirJohnFrederick_1685
1684 Elizabeth Regnier11-0379-70_ElizabethRegnier_1684
1684 Judith Edridge11-0377-37_JudithEdridge_1684
1682 John Jackson11-0372-361_JohnJackson_1682
1680 William Edridge11-0364-217_WilliamEdridge_1680
1678 Richard Jacob11-0357-1418_RichardJacob_1678
1678 Alexander Kenton11-0359-208_AlexanderKenton_1678
1676 Robert Wynch Haberdasher11-0351-850_RobertWynch-haberdasher_1676
1675 John Wynch of London Haberdasher11-0349-151_JohnWynch-Haberdasher_1675
1673 Katherine Johnson11-0343-75_KatherineJohnson_1673
1670 Judith Rouse11-0332-402_JudithRouse_1670
1669 Sibbill Leader11-0332-385_SibbillLeader-widow_1669
1669 John Adrian11-0331-110_JohnAdrian_1669
1666 Martha Hathorne11-0322-271_MarthaHathorne_1666
1662 Sir Thomas Horde11-0308-138_SirThomasHorde_1662
1662 Thomas Winch of Bray11-0310-272_ThomasWinch_1662
1661 Elizabeth Winch of London11-0304-303_ElizabethWinch_1661
1660 John Lorymer11-0303-631_JohnLorymer_1660
1660 Peter Tryon11-0302-677_PeterTryon_1660
1660 Edward Markland11-0301-144_EdwardMarkland_1660
1660 Elizabeth Winch of Suffolk11-0299-1985_ElizabethWinch_1660
1660 William Wynch of Luton11-0298-307_WilliamWynch_1660
1659 Dame Elizabeth Lydall11-0294-406_DameElizabethLydall_1659
1659 Nathaniel Winch11-0292-306_NathanielWinch_1659
1658 Richard Winch of Fifield11-0288-202_RichardWinch_1658
1658 Dame Lettice Offaly11-0287-40_DameLetticeOffaly_1658
1658 Francis Rous11-0287-20_FrancisRous_1658
1658 Robert Lawrence11-0285-882_RobertLawrence_1658
1658 Oliver Markland11-0282-1239_OliverMarkland_1658
1658 Abraham Cullen11-0282 -27_AbrahamCullen_1658
1658 Josias Dann11-0281-202_JosiasDann-Warbleton_1658
1658 John Lawrence11-0276-17182_JohnLawrence_1658
1657 Onslowe Winche of Everton11-0274-174_OnsloweWinche-Everton_1657
1657 Margaret PierceAbstract_MargaretPierce-StClementDanes_1657
1657 John Wynch of Cambridge11-0271-184_JohnWynch-Cambs_1657
1657 John Page11-0269-12_JohnPage-Bray_1657
1656 Edmund Sleigh11-0262-73_EdmundSleigh_1656
1656 John Mattingly11-0260-244_JohnMattingly-Binfield_1656
1656 Thomas Winch of Ticehurst11-0257-225_ThomasWinch-Ticehurst_1656
1656 John Pepper11-0256-262_JohnPepper_1656
1656 Robert Man11-0256-49_RobertMan_1656
1656 John Crouch11-0255-265_JohnCrouch_1656
1655 Sara Hathorne11-0252-364_SaraHathorne_1655
1655 Thomas Winch of Cornwall11-0251-342_ThomasWinch-Cornwall_1655
1655 Robert Rous11-0250-1263_RobertRous_1655
1655 Richard Wrench11-0250-1233_RichardWrench_1655
1654 James Henbury11-0247-378_JamesHenbury_1654
1654 Thomas Crouch11-0247-38_ThomasCrouch_1654
1654 Gilbert Pepper11-0241-351_GilbertPepper_1654
1654 William Powney11-0241-321_WilliamPowney_1654
1654 Philipp Lee11-0240-496_PhilippLee-Binfield_1654
1654 John Hawthorne11-0238-1537_JohnHawthorne_1654
1654 Nathaniell Hathorne11-0237-1845_NathaniellHathorne_1654
1654 John Winch of Cardington11-0237-1688_JohnWinch-Cardington_1654
1654 Walter Ridout11-0235-1080_WalterRidout_1654
1653 John Wynch of Greenwich11-0227-588_JohnWynch-Greenwich_1653
1653 Thomas Wynch of Epping11-0225-536_ThomasWynch-Epping_1653
1653 George Wynch of Luton11-0225-416_GeorgeWynch-Beds_1653
1652 John Crouch11-0223-814_JohnCrouch-Heathfield_1652
1652 Sir Thomas Liddell Bt11-0222-630_SirThomasLiddell-Bt_1652
1652 Edmond Hathorne11-0222-340_EdmondHathorne_1652
1652 Thomas Pasmore11-0221-474_ThomasPasmore-Bray_1652
1651 Dame Katherine Brooke of Norton11-0220-23_DameKatherineBrooke-Norton_1651
1651 Clement Walker11-0219-1257_ClementWalker_1651
1651 John Dann11-0219-743_JohnDann-Warbleton_1651
1651 Michaell Freeman11-0217-148_MichaellFreeman_1651
1651 William Hathorne11-0216-391_WilliamHathorne_1651
1650 Anne Winche of Islipp11-0214-395_AnneWinche-Islipp_1650
1650 James Winch of Newtown11-0212-788_JamesWinch-Newtown_1650
1649 Robert Bishopp11-0211-1996_RobertBishopp_1649
1649 Richard Cradock11-0209-215_RichardCradock-grocer_1649
1649 John Niclaes11-0208-183_JohnNiclaes_1649
1649 George Byshopp11-0207-571_GeorgeByshopp_1649
1648 Ezra Sherley11-0207-88_EzraSherley-Blandford_1648
1648 Dorothy Ridout11-0206-176_DorothyRidout_1648
1648 Walter Gibbs11-0206-41_WalterGibbs_1648
1648 Richard Winch of Kidlington11-0205-333_RichardWinch-Kidlington_1648
1647 William Winch of Binfield11-0203-423_WilliamWinch-Binfield_1647
1647 Richard Winch of Oriel11-0203-154_RichardWinch-OrielCollege_1647
1647 Christopher Pitt of Pimperne11-0203-150_ChristopherPitt-Pimperne_1647
1647 John Luttman11-0202-229_JohnLuttman_1647
1647 James Winch of Bray11-0201-58_JamesWinch_1647
1647 Symon Bowyer11-0201-27_SymonBowyer-Bray_1647
1647 Edward Pitt11-0200-598_EdwardPitt_1647
1647 Andrew Searle11-200-488_AndrewSearle_1647
1646 Dame Jane Fenn11-0199-661_DameJaneFenn-widow_1646
1646 Robert Mayott11-0197-220_RobertMayott_1646
1646 Richard Winch of Bray11-0196-17101_RichardWinch_1646
1646 George Cradock11-0196-16988_GeorgeCradock_1646
1646 Symon Winch11-0195-17649_SymonWinch_1646
1645 William Wake11-0195-17393_WilliamWake-Sawcey_1645
1645 Ann Mayott11-0194-857_AnnMayott_1645
1645 Richard Mayott11-0194-589_RichardMayott_1645
1645 Peter Ent11-0194-84_PeterEnt_1645
1645 Hugh Smith of Thatcham11-0193-271_HughSmith-Thatcham_1645
1645 Matthieu RenierMatthieu Renier 1645
1644 John Whistler11-0192-456_JohnWhistler_1644
1644 Henry Barnardiston11-0192-406_HenryBarnardiston-Northill_1644
1644 Richard Hawthorne11-0192-190_RichardHawthorne_1644
1644 James WynchJamesWynch_1644
1643 Adam GibbsAdamGibbs_1643
1642 Thomas Freke11-0189-369_ThomasFreke_1642
1641 George Johnson Dyer11-0186-516_GeorgeJohnson-Dyer_1641
1641 Mathew Cradock11-0186-323_MathewCradock_1641
1641 Frances Winch11-0186-66_FrancesWinch_1641
1640 George Johnson11-0184-262_GeorgeJohnson_1640
1640 Thomas Ruys11-0184-35_ThomasRuys_1640 [translated out of Dutch]
1640 Lady Abigail Freke11-0183-15_LadyAbigailDigbie-Freke_1640
1639 Elizabeth Mayott11-0182-376_ElizabethMayott_1639
1639 Sir Richard Fenn11-0181-526_SirRichardFenn-Alderman_1639
1638 Sara Moene11-0178-487_SaraMoene_1638 [Translated out of Dutch]
1638 Martin Ledder11-0178-949_MartinLedder-draper_1638
1638 Richard Muncke11-0178-1179_RichardMuncke_1638
1637 William Lewyn11-0176-60_WilliamLewyn-Smithfield_1637
1637 Judith Wynch11-0175-168_JudithWynch_1637
1637 Nathaniell Moone11-0175-8_NathaniellMoone_1637
1636 Richard Swayne11-0173-151_RichardSwayne_1636
1636 Sir William Pitt11-0171-296_SirWilliamPitt_1636
1634 William Kendricke11-0167-274_WilliamKendricke-clothier-Reading_1634
1634 Salomon Dann11-0167-16_SalomonDane-Laughton_1634
1634 John Dane11-0165-238_JohnDane-Worth_1634
1633 Richard Winch of Reading11-0164-509_RichardWinch-clothier_1633
1633 Thomas Freke11-0164-489_ThomasFreke_1633
1633 John Nourse11-0163-500_JohnNourse-ChillingePlace_1633
1632 Dame Joane Seymer11-0163-105_DameJoaneSeymer-Handford_1632
1631 Robert BarnadistonAbstract_RobertBarnardiston_1631
1632 Sir Cuthbert Hacket11-0161-231_SirCuthbertHacket-Alderman_1632
1631 Richard Wheeler of Westminster11-0161-72_RichardWheeler-Westminster_1631
1631 Sibbill Wynch11-0160-499_SibbillWynch-widow_1631
1631 Bostocke Bowles11-0160-435_BostockeBowles-NewWindsor_1631
1631 Richard Winch Sailor11-0159-528_RichardWinch-Sailor_1631
1631 Christian Brooke11-0159-458_ChristianBrooke-widow_1631
1630 Dame Elizabeth Wake11-0159-190_DameElizabethWake-Clevedon_1630
1630 Thomas Godfrey11-0158-239_ThomasGodfrey-mercer_1630
1629 Cicely Winch11-0155-421_CicelyWinch-Everton_1629
1628 Anne Langcastell11-0154-9792_AnneLangcastell_1628
1628 George Barnardiston11-0153-1353_GeorgeBarnardiston-Everton_1628 9th November 1627 3rd year of King Charles etc.
1628 Martin Moenen11-0153-437_MartinMoenen_1628
1627 Thomas Mayott11-0152-966_ThomasMayott-Abingdon_1627
1627 Sara Henbery11-0151-1227_SaraHenbery_1627
1626 Joane PennyngtonJoanePennyngton_1626
1626 Alice Pitt11-0149-496_AlicePitt-Weymouth_1626
1626 Anne HathorneAnne Hathorne of Bray, widow (25/7/1626)
1620 William HathorneWilliam Hathorne the elder of Bray, yeoman, (13/9/1620)[1].
1626 Richard Lawrence11-0148-554_RichardLawrence-Stepleton_1626
1626 John Wynch of Kings Ripton11-0148-537_JohnWynch_1626
1625 John Pitt11-0148-218_JohnPitt-Weymouth_1625
1625 Edward Serle11-0148-63_EdwardSerle-Epping_1625
1625 Mathew Sheppard11-0147-85_MathewSheppard-Grocer_1625
1625 Sir Alexander Chocke11-0145-618_SirAlexanderChocke_1625
1625 Sir Humphry Winch11-0145-309_SirHumphryWinch_1625
1624 Daniell Winch11-0145-85_DaniellWinch_1624
1624 John Kendricke11-0144-519_JohnKendricke-draper-London_1624
1624 Morgan Henbury11-0144-94_MorganHenbury_1624
1622 John Gibbs11-0140-343_JohnGibbs_1622
1621 John Wake11-0139-169_JohnWake_1621
1621 Richard Venables11-0138-179_RichardVenables-Andover_1621
1621 Robert Winch of BrayD-A1-134-185a_RobertWinch-Bray_1621
1620 Matthew Havyland11-0135-416_MatthewHavyland-alderman_1620
1618 Robert Winch of BrayD-A1-134-167a_RobertWinch-Kembers-Bray_1618
1618 Richard Winch of BrayD-A1-134-166a_RichardWinch-theElder-Bray_1618
1618 Elizabeth Cradocke Spinster11-0133-792_ElizabethCradocke-spinster_1618
1618 Robert Wynche of BrayD-A1-134-163a_RobertWynche-Bray_1618
1618 Sir Robert Digby of Coleshill11-0131-697_SirRobertDigby-Coleshill_1618
1617 James Wynch of WarfieldAbstract_JamesWynch-Warfield_1617
1617 Thomas Spighte11-0130-278_ThomasSpighte-WestHam_1617
1616 John Waddup Goldsmith11-0128-460_JohnWaddup-Goldsmith_1616
1616 William Searle11-0127-480_WilliamSearle-HartleyWespall_1616
1615 William Mattingley11-0126-327_WilliamMattingley_1615
1615 William Dann11-0126-206_WilliamDann-Brenchley_1615
1615 Walter WincheAbstract_WalterWinche-Beds_1615
1614 James Winch of BrayAbstract(BerkshireArchives)_JamesWinch-Bray_1614
1613 Thomas Pitt of Bristol11-0122-108_ThomasPitt-Bristol_1613
1612 John Wynch of BrayAbstract_D-A1-134-76a_JohnWynch-Bray_1612
1612 Richard Langcastell11-0120-125_RichardLangcastell_1612
1609 Thomas Loggin11-0114-809_ThomasLoggin_1609
1609 John Winch11-0113-779_JohnWinch_1609
1608 Michael Barbor11-0113-703_MichaelBarbor-salter_1608
1608 Thomas Lydall11-0112-1025_ThomasLydall_1608
1608 Elizabeth Loggins of BrayD-A1-92-150a_ElizabethLoggins-Bray_1608
1607 Katherine Smith11-0111-573_KatherineSmith_1607
1606 Edward Searle11-0110-479_EdwardSearle_1606
1605 Robert Winche of Cookham11-0107-693_RobertWinche-Cookham_1605
1604 Edmund Winche of Woodford11-0103-855_EdmundWinche-Woodford_1604
1603 Nicholas Pytt11-0101-797_NicholasPytt-WykeRegis_1603
1602 Nicholas Venables11-0101-708_NicholasVenables-Andover_1602
1601 John Pitt11-0099-1376_JohnPitt-Blandford_1601
1600 Hewet Osborne11-0096-398_HewetOsborne_1600
1597 Gilbert Munke11-0091-210_GilbertMunke_1597
1597 Christopher Moncke11-0090-463_ChristopherMoncke_1597
1597 Christopher Pitt11-0090-154_ChristopherPitt-Bristol_1597
1596 Thomas Mayott11-0088-262_ThomasMayott_1596
1596 Trynyan Shortus11-0088-32_TrynyanShortus-Ironmonger_1596
1595 Robert Loggon11-0086-302_RobertLoggon-GtTew_1595
1594 Thomas Serle11-0083-331_ThomasSerle-Sidbury_1594
1593 Edmond Barbar11-0081-314_EdmondeBarbar_1593
1592 Humfrye Staverton11-0081-183_HumfryeStaverton_1592
1592 William Pitte11-0081-4_WilliamPitte-Clothier_1592
1592 Rowland Barbor11-0080-408_RowlandBarbor-mercer_1592
1592 Magdelen Winch of Woodford11-0080-330_MagdelenWinch-Woodford_1592
1591 John Swayne11-0078-183_JohnSwayne_1591
1590 James Wynch of Bray11-0077-135_JamesWynch_1590
1590 Robert Winche of Woodford11-0076-209_RobertWinche-Woodford_1590
1588 Thomas Kendrick11-0073-094_ThomasKendrick_1588
1587 David Smith Embroiderer11-0071-157and158_DavidSmith_1587
1587 Nicholas Cradock11-0070-298_NicholasCradock-Romsey_1587
1587 John Ryves11-0070-201_JohnRyves_1587
1585 Richard Holland11-0068-421_RichardHolland_1585
1582 Richard Cheverell of Blandford Forum11-0065-99_RichardCheverell-Blandford_1582
1582 John Winche of NorthillAbstract_JohnWinche-Northill_1582
1582 Thomas Cradock Parson11-0065-54_ThomasCradock-Parson_1582
1580 Robert Pytt Mercer11-0062-196_RobertPytt-mercer_1580
1577 John Winch of BrayAbstract_JohnWinch-MoneyRow-Bray_1577
1575 Robert Winche of BraywickAbstract_RobertWinche-Braywick_1575
1575 Robert Vavasor Haberdasher11-0057-292_RobertVavasor-haberdasher_1575
1570 Thomas Fletewood11-0053-87_ThomasFletewood_1570
1568 Sir John Newton Cradock11-0050-239_SirJohnNewton-(Cradock)_1568
1567 Nicholas Cadbury11-050-46_NicholasCadbury_1567
1563 Olyver Holland Grocer11-0046-386_OlyverHolland-Grocer_1563
1560 Thomas Holland Haberdasher11-0043-343_ThomasHolland-Haberdasher_1560
1559 John Wynch of BrayD-A1-132-130a_JohnWynch-Bray_1559
1548 Henry Holland Haberdasher11-0032-113_HenryHolland-haberdasher_1548
1508 Thomas Wynche CaddingtonAbstract_11-0016-88_ThomasWynche-Cadyngton_1508_(Latin)
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