1627 Thomas Mayott


In the name of God Amen; I THOMAS MAYOTT of Abingdon in the county of Berks gentleman being at this present thanks be given to God in good health and perfect memory yet considering the uncertainty of this life in general and the great mortality which now reigneth in particular do make this my last will and testament as follows; and first I commend my soul into the hands of my Redeemer by whose most precious death and passion only I hope to have forgiveness of all my sins and to be made partaker of His Heavenly Kingdom; my body I commend to the earth to be interred in Christian and decent funeral such as to my executors shall seem fit; and as touching the temporal estate it has pleased God to bless me withal my will is as follows etc. FIRST I give and bequeath unto the church of Saint Ellens in Abingdon aforesaid the sum of twenty shillings.  ITEM; more towards the repair of the centre [Sentre] in such place of the said church as I shall hereafter by notes in writing express three pounds five shillings eight pence.  ITEM; to the church of Culneham in the county of Oxon twenty shillings.  ITEM; I will and devise unto my son JOHN the tavern house in the Burie Street in Abingdon now or late in the tenure or occupation of John Paine vintner if so he my said son John shall exercise and set up any trade in the said town of Abingdon to have and to hold unto my said son John from such time as he shall [only] and bona fide set up and exercise such trade in Abingdon as aforesaid for the term of ninety and nine years yielding and paying therefore yearly unto my heirs six pence of lawful money payable yearly at the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.  ITEM; I give to my said son John all my tenure estate and lease that I hold in Bestelle Lough in the county of Berks and all that lease term of years and estate which I have of or in Bary parcel in Culneham Meadow in the said county of Oxon to enter upon at his full age of one and twenty years.  ITEM; my will is that there shall be yearly paid forth of all my houses lands tenements and hereditaments in the county of Berkls whereof I am or stand seized of any estate of inheritance unto a preacher to be chosen from time to time by the Master and Governors of the Hospital of Christ in Abingdon of […] or shall be then resident in the University of Oxon for a sermon to be preached by him yearly upon Palm Sunday in the afternoon thirteen shillings four pence. To the vicar for the time being for a sermon to be preached yearly the forenoon of the same day; and to the intent he shall be willing and permit the said afternoon sermon to be performed according to this my will thirteen shillings four pence.  To the Clerke for preparing the pulpit and to the sexton for ringing the bell to both sermons to each of them three shillings four pence; to the thirteen people alms-folks of the said hospital and the nurse twelve pence a piece yearly the same day.  ITEM; I give to my dear and well-beloved wife during her widowhood my best chamber in the house wherein I dwell at her election and liberty to use all the rest of my said rooms other than my shop and warehouse and one chamber the best next to be chosen by my son Richard for his private use provided always that if my son Richard shall not be of age or otherwise unfit to trade in the same shop at my death then my executors hereafter in these presents named shall have the use and disposing thereof for and during the term of [blank] years next ensuing my decease to and for the better performance of this my last will; moreover I do hereby give and bequeath unto my son Richard all and singular my houses lands tenements and hereditaments within the county of Berks and Oxford or in either of them and all my leases terms of years and estate which I have in any houses lands tenements or hereditaments not herein specifically bequeathed; and all and singular the shelves chests and presses and settles in my shop or warehouse remaining to be and continue as standards in the said shop to have and to hold unto the said Richard and the heirs male of his body lawfully to be begotten; and for default of such issue the reversion thereof unto the said John my son and the heirs male of his body the reversion thereof unto the right heirs of me.  ITEM; I give to my sons Richard and John to each of them four hundred pounds a piece to be paid at their several ages of twenty and one years; and likewise to my daughters MARIE ELLEN and ALICE four hundred pounds a piece to be paid at their several ages of twenty and one years or within six months after their several marriages which shall first happen and if any of them die before then his or her part to be divided equally between my surviving children at their ages and times before specified respectively.  ITEM; I give and bequeath unto my said wife eight hundred pounds of lawful money of England together with all my plate linen and household stuff and I do make her my sole and only executrix of this my last will and testament provided always and it is my true intent and meaning and I doubt not but she will be wiling thereunto that within [blank] months after my decease my said wife shall enter into bond or statute of three thousand pounds unto my brothers-in-law WALTER DYRELL, JOHN MAYOTT, ROGER KNIGHT, EDMUND BOSTOCKE, WILLIAM KENRICKE and RICHARD WINCHE or to the survivors of them to be conditioned to this effect that in case she the said Elizabeth shall be resolved to marry again that then such person whom then she intends to marry shall before his marriage find such security unto my said six brothers as they shall like of to pay unto my said children their said portions at the times by me appointed or otherwise that her said husband within six months after her intermarriage shall deliver into the hands of my said six brothers or into their some or one of their hands the said portions before herein bequeathed unto my children which shall not be formerly satisfied to be employed for their best profit and to be preserved for them; and the said security to be such as my said six brothers or the survivors of them or the greater part of them shall like and give allowance of provided also and my will further is that if my said wife shall die before all these my legacies to my said children shall be performed then her executrixship shall cease and then in such case I make my said six brothers or the survivors of them my executors in trust to and for the only benefit of my said children and to their use only and according to the purport of this my last will and testament and not otherwise.  ITEM; I give and bequeath to my daughter ELIZABETH SANDERS and to ELIZABETH her daughter my grandchild five pounds apiece, to my sister Dayrell, my sister Lees forty shillings apiece my sister Knight, my sister Bostocke, my sister Kenricke, my sister John Mayott’s wife and my sister Winche twenty shillings apiece to buy them rings; to my said six brothers before mentioned and trusted as aforesaid and to my own brothers CHRISTOPHER MAYOTT, ROBERT MAYOTT and NICHOLAS MAYOTT forty shillings apiece to buy them rings; to my son Sanders forty shillings to buy him a ring.  To the poor of Abingdon five pounds; to the poor of Culneham forty shillings; to every of my household servants twenty shillings apiece.  ITEM; all the residue of my goods chattels money and other things not herein particularly bequeathed or disposed of I limit towards the further performance of this my will and that the suplusage thereof after my will performed my debts and funerals paid I bequeath unto my said well-beloved wife and my said son Richard equally between them; and touching the benefit of the portions and lands herein bequeathed unto my said children which shall accrue before their several times appointed to receive the same and the profits of my lands bequeathed to my said sons which shall happen during their minority my will is that the benefit of their portions shall remain unto my wife during her widowhood towards their maintenance and after her death to be accounted for unto them; and for the profits of the lands I will those to be accounted for unto my said sons severally and respectively according to their several interest therein after the death of my wife in the meantime my wife to have the same to her own use; moreover I do hereby make and appoint my said brother Dayrell, my brother John Mayott and my son THOMAS SANDERS overseers of this my last will desiring them with their best counsels and advice to be assistant and aiding in the performance of this my last will and my especial charge and request both unto my wifeand children is that if any question or doubt shall arise touching anything in this my will contained that they wholly therein refer themselves to my overseers of this my last will and whatsoever they or the greater part of them shall resolve or determine touching the same to stand unto it and get satisfied with it without any further trouble or suite in law.  Lastly I do by these presents revoke all former or other wills and declare this to be my only last will and testament willing and requiring that whatsoever I shall add hereunto or alter herein shall be taken only as codicil annexed hereunto and not for any revocation or alteration hereof further then by express words shall in the said codicil or alteration contained and expressed.  In witness whereof I the said Thomas Mayott unto each of the three pages or leaves here annexed together set my hand and seal dated the first day of September 1625 – THOMAS MAYOTT – ITEM; I give to the Mayor Bailiffs and Burgesses of Abingdon my iron chest to serve them in the Council House there.  ITEM; I give to my sister Smith, Richard Smith’s wife five pounds and to my sister Mayott, my brother Robert Mayott’s wife five pounds to be paid within three months after my decease.  ITEM; whatsoever is added or crossed out in these pages or leaves of this my will is done by myself and with my own hands and therefore is my own mind and will so to be taken – Thomas Mayott – published as the last will and testament of the within named Thomas Mayott by him the first day of September AD 1625 in the presence of Walter Dayrell, John Chaundler, Thomas Hedd


Proved 10th July 1627 by Elizabeth Mayott relict and executrix



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