1649 John Niclaes


In the name of God Amen; the thirtieth day of June one thousand six hundred forty-six in London I JOHN NICHLAES of London merchant being in perfect health, thanks be unto Almighty God, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in a manner and form following. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God my maker and creator trusting and assuredly believing that through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour and Redeemer I have and shall have free and clear remission of all my sins and that after this transitory life ends I shall have life everlasting. I will my body to be decently and Christianly buried at the discretion of my overseers hereafter mentioned. And touching the disposing of all my worldly goods which God has me in this life, my debts first being paid, I give and bequeath them as follows. I give and bequeath to my sister SUSANNA NICLAES thirty pounds to be paid her six months after my decease and in case she should die ere the six months expires then I will the said thirty pounds to be paid unto the three children of my sister MARY NICLAES, alias WILCOCKE deceased; I pay to each of them equally divided and in case any of them come to decease the survivor or survivors shall enjoy the same and of all three come to die before the age of one and twenty years of age then the same to return to my children hereunder named. Item to the children of my sister Mary Niclaes, alias Wilcocke, each of them ten pounds that is to say to JOHN WILCOCKE, WILLIAM WILCOCKE and HARY WILCOCKE, to be paid them at the age of one and twenty years, I paid 10 pounds each one and a case any of them decease this life before the age of twenty-one years then that part to return to my children hereunder mentioned. I give to the daughter of my brother ABRAHAM NICLAES namely SUSANNA NICHLAES ten pounds to be paid to the her at the years of one and twenty or marriage estate; in case she shall happen to depart this life before her time then to return unto my children hereunder named. I give and bequeath to the poor of the Dutch Congregation of London twenty pounds; and should the poor of the French Church in Canterbury other twenty pounds; I give and bequeath to the poor of the parish of St Edmunds Lumberstreet [Lombard Street] the sum of five pounds to be distributed [  ] at the discretion of my overseers; I give in like manner five pounds to the poor of the parish of Butholfe Algate to be distributed to needy [  ] soldiers at the discretion of my overseers. I give and thankfully bequeath unto Dr Goodge Minister of God’s word in Blackfriars five pounds in acknowledgement of his honest and good advice which through the blessing of God I have observed though with much frailty and [  ] I could not submit at the first yet now fully satisfied praised be God. Item I give and bequeath to Mr Cesar Callandrin and Mr Phillip Opderbeeke ministers of the Dutch Congregation each of them five pounds; also to Mr Ephraim Paget Minister of St Edmunds Lumber Street I give five pounds. The residue of all my goods and chattels, my debts and legacies being paid and funeral expenses discharged, I give and bequeath to my three loving and dear children viz. JOHN NICLAES, ANN NICLAES, and ISAAKE NICLAES, to be equally divided betwixt them besieging Almighty God to bless guide and direct them [  ] them on his blessing to like each other to the end of their life may be comfortable for each other’s good and welfare in the true fear of God which is my hearty request not doubting but the Lord will enable you to perform the same to his glory and your eternal good Amen Amen. And I ordain my eldest son John Niclaes, sole executor of this my last will and Testament. And I desire and appoint my trusty and loving friends Mr William [Bodue] and Mr James Houblon to be my overseers and curators during the minority of my children and I leave them each 10 pounds apiece in case they be pleased to perform this my request in becoming overseers of this my last will and Testament. And concerning my lands wherein now dwell Mrs Elizabeth Man and Mrs Sillito widow in [Bu…bannen] I bequeath the same to my three children John Niclaes, Ann Niclaes and Isaac Niclaes equally to be divided share and share like according to my promises made to my father in lawJOHN JOHNSON in his lifetime who gave it me upon this condition that each of them should have and enjoy a proportion of the two houses lands lying in Bush Lane London equally any law or custom to the contrary notwithstanding. Dated this second July one thousand six hundred forty-six in London – John Niclaes – witness John Niclas Jr, Edward Aston. 

Proved 16th May 1649 by John Niclaes


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