1625 Sir Humphry Winch


The last will and testament of me HUMPHRY WINCH Knight one of His Majesty’s Justices of his Court of Common Pleas.  I bequeath to my loving wife DAME CYCELY WINCH all that my Rectory and Parsonage of Potton in the County of Bedford for and during the term of 40 years if she shall so long live. I also bequeath unto the said Cycely my loving wife all that my Manor in Everton and all my land and hereditaments in Everton in the Counties of Huntingdon & Bedford for and during the term of 40 years if she shall so long live sole and unmarried and from the time of her marriage I bequeath unto her my unclosed grounds called or known by the several names of the 20 acres the 40 acres the long close and the meadow thereunto adjoining on the west part with the house and land in Everton in the County of Bedford which I lately purchased to have and to hold to my said wife immediately after her said marriage for the term of forty years if she shall so long live.  I bequeath unto my son all the bedding and household in the 3 chambers now in his own possession or use with my best basin and ewer of silver, the gilded tankard sometime Foulk Ownslowe’s, and all my horses and geldings excepting my coach and carthorses.  I bequeath unto my daughter SCOTT my best gilt standing cup and unto HUMPHRY and WILLIAM SCOTT her two sons each of them a standing gilt cup of the best sort next that which is given to their mother the residue of my gilt plate I bequeath to my Grandchild HUMPHRY WINCH. I bequeath unto my nephew Mr JOHN WINCHE the stone pot dressed with silver which was my mother’s. I bequeath unto my sister MARY ONSLOWE 40 pounds of current English money to be paid her in four years by 10 pounds every year. I bequeath to Anne Cranfield 20 pounds of lawful English money.  I bequeath to my Cousin RICHARD TAYLER two of my best study gowns and my four scarlet robes and such of my law books as he shall choose.   My will and meaning is that if Humphrey Winche my brother’s Grandchild do give good security to pay unto my son and my cousin Richard Tayler the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds to and for the use of his brother and sisters equally to be divided between them then he to enjoy the sole and entire benefit of his wardship and I do release and forgive him all the moneys I have disbursed for his wardship and land amounting to above 140 pounds and my son and executrix to release all their right and title in and to his lands to him and his heirs forever. But if he fails I will the money and profit due to me to my brother’s younger grandchildren equally.  My will and mind is that my body be speedily buried after my death in private and decent fashion without [Harrolds Escutchions] or many blacks I know my executrix shall have cause to spare the poor estate which I shall leave her for herself and my poor kindred to whom I know she willingly will do good as her ability will serve.  I do hereby ordain and constitute my loving wife Dame Cycely Winche my sole and only executrix of this my will.  My desire is that at her decease she will leave to my son the greatest part of the plate and household stuff which I do leave unto her if he use himself to her during all her life as a good and dutiful son.  I devise to Henry Godfrey of Potton and his heirs all the arable land in Tetwort which I purchased of Warner and not by me already conveyed at Henry Godfrey’s request and appointment. I give to George Turner my servant the gelding his father gave me – signed sealed and published by me this nineteenth day of January 1623 – Humfrey WincheThomas Bolnest, Thomas Scott, George Turner

Proved 25th March 1625 by Cicilie Winche (Relict)


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