1631 Bostocke Bowles


16th July Charles vii 1631 – Memorandum the day and year above written that BOSTOCKE BOWLES of New Windsor in the County of Berks yeoman having been mortally sick some six or seven days now last past and finding himself to draw towards death yet being in perfect memory some two or three hours before he died desired to speak with his mistress EDITH BOSTOCKE of New Windsor aforesaid widow who upon knowledge thereof ran immediately to him and asked her said serbant Bostocke Bowles what he would with her; he answered her that he by his vehement sickness he could not live long his humble suite therefore duty her was he might make his last will and testament and that she would be pleased after his decease to see the same performed; and whereas his late master WILLIAM BOSTOCKE gent deceased the said Edith’s husband whist he lived did give unto him in lieu of his service the sum of fifty pounds of lawful English money payable unto him the said Bostocke Bowles after the said Edith’s decease by EDMOND BOSTOCKE of Abington [Abingdon] in the said county gent out of certain lands belonging to the farm of Fitzharries lying in in the parish of Abingdon aforesaid as by the indentures thereof made more plainly appears relation being thereunto had the said Bostocke Bowles did dispose give and bequeath all his right title and interest of the said fifty pounds in manner and form following vizt. First he did will and bequeath towards his burial ten pounds of that said fifty pounds to be paid to him or them that shall lay out the charges and expenses of his burial as aforesaid.  The residue of the said mentioned fifty pounds due unto him as aforesaid he did will and bequeath unto his said mistress Edith Bostocke widow to be disposed by her as it seemed best in respect she had been at great charges and expenses with him in maintaining him and bringing him up and should be at more charged in burying him only he desired that in respect there was an intended marriage between him the said Bostocke Bowles and one Mary Bradley of New Windsor aforesaid spinster, the said Mary should have some part of the said mentioned fifty pounds for and towards her preferment if the said Edith Bostocke his mistress should so think fit and not otherwise which he left unto her free choice; for he gave and bequeathed all the said fifty pounds mentioned to be due unto him the said Bostocke Bowles unto his said mistress Edith Bostocke widow to be disposed of as it seemed her best.  Witness hereunto – Edith Bostocke, Jane Noble’s mark, Jane Noble the wife of Laurence Noble of Windsor aforesaid husbandman and others


Proved 7th October 1631 upon evidence of Edith Bostocke and Jane Noble


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