1626 Joane Pennyngton


In the name of God Amen; the third day of April AD 1626 and in the second year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles (by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ir3eland, defender of the faith etc.  I JOANE PENNYNGTON, wife unto ROBERT PENNYNGTON of London Esquire being well in body and in sound and perfect health and in good remembrance (laud and praise be therefore given to Almighty God) do (by virtue of a certain writing or covenant made by my said husband Robert Pennyngton bearing date the fifteenth day of February AD 1616) make ordain and declare this my present testament containing herein my last will in manner and form following, that is to say: First and Principally I give and commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my maker and creator and to his dearly beloved son Jesus Christ my only saviour and Redeemer by whose death merits and passion I do trust and assuredly believe to have full and free remission pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and life everlasting. Next I commit my body to the Earth to be decently buried which I will my husband to cause to be in the parish church of St Magnus the martyr in London as near unto the place where my father lies there buried as conveniently may be. And touching is the dispose of those four hundred pounds for the which I have the free leave and liberty of my said husband Robert Pennington mentioned and expressed in the said writing or covenant, I do will give and devise the same in manner and form following that is to say: Inprimis I give and bequeath unto my son THOMAS MAUNSELL one hundred pounds. Item; I will and give unto my daughter ELLINOR WADDUPP one hundred pounds. Item; I give and bequeath unto my son GEORGE MAUNSELL every year yearly during his natural life the sum of seven pounds, the first payment thereof to begin and be made within one year next after my executor shall have recorded and received of my proper estate four hundred pounds either by virtue of the said writing from my said husband Robert Pennyngton or by any other ways or means whatsoever. And for the performance of the said yearly payment of seven pounds I give and bequeath unto my son in law WALTER ROGERS four score pounds. And my will and mind is that if my said son George Maunsell shall happen to die within one year next after my decease then I give forty pounds of the said for score pounds unto my grandchild SARAH HARVY to be paid unto her at her age of one and twenty years or day of marriage which shall first happen. Item; I will and give to my five grandchildren MARY, MARGARET, SARAH, MARTHA AND ELIZABETH ROGERS the children of my daughter SARAH ROGERS one hundred pounds that is to say to every of them twenty pounds to be paid unto them at their several ages of one and twenty years or day of marriage which shall first happen, and my will and mind is that my said daughter Sara shall have the same hundred pounds from the time of my decease and till her said children shall attain and come to their several ages or be married, and if any of those my five grandchildren happen to die before [their] age or day of marriage then I will my said daughter Sarah to dispose of the portion of her or them so deceasing as she pleases, and if they my said five grandchildren shall all happen to die before they marry or come to age I give the same 100 pounds to my said daughter Sara she here with to do and dispose at her pleasure. Item; I give and bequeath unto my grandchildren JOHN, WILLIAM and ANN WADDUP the children of my said daughter Ellinor twenty pounds equally to be parted and divided between them or the survivor of them. And I make and ordain my said son in law Walter Rogers of this my present Testament and last will sole executor. And I do utterly renounce revoke and call back all former Wills and executors at any time heretofore by me made either by writing or word-of-mouth and I do will and ordain that these presents only shall stand in force for my very last will and none other or otherwise. In witness whereof I have to these presents being my last will and Testament put my hand and seal proven the day and year first above written – Joane Pennyngton – sealed acknowledged and delivered by the said Joan Pennyngton and as her last will and Testament in the presence of us Thomas Parrett, Thomas Marten.


Proved 20 Oct 1626 by Walter Rogers


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