1633 John Nourse


In the name of God Amen, I JOHN NOURSE of Chillinge Place[1] in the County of Oxford Gent being sick of body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same do make this my last will and testament in writing and herein I do first bequeath my soul into the hands of my creator and my body to the earth to be buried in such sort as my wife shall see fit; and for my worldly estate first I do bequeath to PHILLIP my loving wife all my household stuff at Chilling Place aforesaid with the  necessaries as wood and other like things in and about the yard there and I do desire unto her all my lands and tenements in the parishes of Piddington and Amersden in the County of Oxford and in Brill in the County of Bucks with the appurtenances and my manor of Blackthorne and all my lands and tenements in Blackthorne as hereafter I shall by my will appoint and until my debts and the said portions shall be levied and paid.  ITEM; I do give and bequeath unto my sons EDWARD THOMAS PETER and ANTHONY four hundred pounds apiece and to my daughters ANNE, THEODOREA, DOROTHY, HESTER, ELIZABETH and FRANCES four hundred pounds apiece to be paid at their several ages of one and twenty years with this that if any of them die before their said ages then his her and their portion so dying to cease as if he she or they had not been named in this my will; and my will is that the residue of the money which shall remain of the sale of my leases of Fulham which I have appointed to be sold after my debts paid shall go and be employed for and towards the raising opf the said portions.  ITEM; I do devise and bequeath to my daughter Anne and her heirs all my houses lands tenements leases and hereditaments in Milton in the County of Bucks.  ITEM; I do devise and bequeath unto my said wife during her life the sum of forty pounds by the year out of my said lands in Brill and Blackthorne aforesaid in augmentation of her jointure.  ITEM; my will is that the residue of my goods and personal estate do go towards the payment of my debts.  ITEM; my will is that the overplus of the money which shall remain of the sale of my leases of Fulham my debts being paid shall be delivered over by my loving friend Doctor Sanders and my brother Thomas [Turell] unto my said wife upon security by her to be given for the employment and payment thereof according to this my will and her release or acquitance for the receipt thereof shall be a sufficient discharge to the said Doctor Sanders and Thomas Turell and in case my wife die before then the same to be delivered over unto JOHN my son upon like security and his release or acquitance shall also be their sufficient discharge.  ITEM; I do bequeath unto my godson, my son RICHARD’s eldest son twenty pounds to be paid him by my executor hereafter named within one year after my decease and five pounds to my son Richard’s wife to buy her a piece of plate.  ITEM; I do make Phillipp my loving wife sole executrix of this my will dated this nineteenth day of April one thousand six hundred thirty three. Published as his last will and testament in the presence of Job Watson, Richard Francklin, William Somerford


Proved 24th May 1633 by Philippa Nourse relict and executrix

[1]     Chilling Place in Piddington, Oxon, and lands in Piddington, Amersden and Brill [Deeds of 1623-1667 also refer to manor of Blackthorne in Amersden; deed, 1670, refers to manor of Amersden only.] 1586-1672

Grant  D 77/3/11  16 July [1623-1624]


Lease for 99 yrs after the death of John Nourse in trust for the payment of his debts and the raysing of portions for his youngest children

Pasture, grounds, Harehill, Sweetehill, Harehill Meadow in Brill, manor of Blackethorne in Amersden

(1) John Nourse of Chillingee place of Oxon

(2) Michaell Saunders of Thame, gent. & John Seller of Ickeford, Bucks.

B.A.S. no. 139/50


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