1548 Henry Holland Haberdasher


In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost Amen. The 30th day of February in the second year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King Edward the VIth by the grace of God lying in England France and Ireland Defenderf of the Faith and as such the the Supreme Head of the Chuirch of England and also of Ireland I HENRY HOLLAND Citizen and Haberdasher of London and dwelling in the parish of Saint Dunstone in the West being whole and in perfect remembrance thanks be given to my Lord God do make and ordain this my present testament in manner and form following. First I bequeath and yield firstly my soul thereof carefuil in perfect faith into the hands of the Holy and Blessed Trinity and when ye shall please the self same loving God to take me to his mercy by the natural death of my body I then commit my body to the earth in assured hope of resurrection and to be buried in the churchyard of the said church of Saint Donestons in the Est aforesaid.  ITEM I bequeath to the High Altar or to five poor men [  ]  ITEM; Also I bequeath to JAMES HOLLAND my son my best gown furred with Foynes and my French Black Gown and my gown with a guard of velvet faced with foynes with all the rest of my apparrel saving I bequeath to my Cousin HENRY HOLLAND Goldsmith my second gown faced with foynes before and fox behind and six of my doublets and two of my jackets of worsted and a cassock of black [caffa] ITEM; I bequeath to JOHN HOLLAND my brother two of my gowns that I wear daily a doublet two shirts. ITEM; to WILLIAM HOLLAND my brother’s son a gold ring and part in money.  ITEM;  I bequeath unto every one of my fellows, Robert Yonge, Rychard Gray, John Knevett, Symond Reade ten shillings sterling to every one of them. All the rest of my debts paid funerals legacies discharged, I give unto JONE my wife and JAMES my son to be divided between them both equally portion and portion like saving the house that is called DRAKS at Kelley which I have the reversion of John Wych of Weley to remain to James my son and I make and ordain my executors Jone my wife and James my son. And finally my overseers Richard Frye tallowhandler and Richard Gray mercer and for their pains to have ten shillings a piece of them for their labour, and this now to conclude the good and substance of this world which God has lent me disposed in a quiet mind I commit myself wholly to my Saviour and Redeemer Jesu Christ beseeching him as he with his precious blood bought me to have mercy on my soul and this to be my last will at this present I the foresaid Henry Holland to this pursuant will have set my hand and my name the year and day above written by me Henry Holland. ITEM; More I bequeath to my Company of Haberdashers in money forty shillings to bestow after their discretions or to make any repast with or otherwise at their pleasure by me Henry Holland by me Richard Frye by me Humfaden Wells by me William Andrewe


Proved: 7th July 1548


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