1675 Priscilla Pead


Written at Goodman Greenings July the eight and twentieth 1675.  FIRST, I give to my son Thomas that money which is due to me in his hands to his three daughters. NEXT, I give to my son Luke forty pounds because he had the least portion of my sons.  NEXT, I give to my son Isaac son and daughter the money that he owes me and the rent that Colman owes me.  NEXT, I give to my (daughter) Holland fifty pounds and to her husband twenty pounds in gold and to their eldest daughter Priscilla fifty pounds which her father has of mine, and to Charles, James, Ann, Mary, Debrott twenty pounds apiece which their father has of min, and to Bette and the child which she goes with ten pounds apiece.  To my daughter Brandon and my son Robert five pounds apiece.  To my sister Eales five pounds. That monies as is due to me from my son Luke I would have Charles Holland have ten pounds more and my sister Eales five pounds, and to Priscilla Holland my best diamond ring with my linen in your house my little (Dope) a little silver tankard two little cups and two silver spoons.  To Ann Holland a little box with twenty Edward shillings.  I give my son Holland what bed and bedstead  and all that is in your house I freely give you as a token of my love and I leave thirty pounds for my burial. And as for my wearing clothes dispose them as they please.  I give twenty shillings to Cousin Mary Eales and twenty shillings to cousin Ann Eales my little rings to be divided among my children – Priscilla Pede – Alban Mackrell, Francis Peade

MEMORANDUM that Priscilla Peade late of the Parish of St Alban Wood Street widow deceased having made her last will and testament in writing and subscribed  sealed and declared the same for her last will and testament upon Tuesday the ninth day of November 1675 early in the morning of the said day in the presence and hearing of Albane Mackerell And Frances Peade and having omitted and forgotten to make and constitute an executor did by about ten of the clock in the morning of the said Tuesday the ninth of November aforesaid having an intent and purpose to constitute and make executors of the said will, offer speak declare and unincupate her will and mind to be in these words following or the like in effect  (viz.) being then asked by Mr James Holland who she did intend to be her executor to perform her will, she answered “I make you (then meaning James Holland aforesaid) and my son Thomas (then meaning her son Thomas Pead) my executors” all which words or the like in the presence of Albane Mackerell (signum) Francisca Peade

Proved 26th November 1675 by James Holland and Thomas Pead