1628 Martin Moenen


In the name of God Amen, this Ninth day of March AD 1627, I MARTIN MOENEN of Great Yarmouth in the County of Norfolk, Merchant now at present sick in body but of perfect memory (thanks to the Almighty) yet thinking and pondering with myself the uncertainty of man’s life in this world and the certainty of death although not of the time [  ] I, hereby disannulling all former wills and testaments heretofore by me made, do make this my last will and testament in manner following vizt. First I commit and commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my creator and to Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer.  My body I commit to the earth to be decently buried in a Christian burial; and as touching my worldly goods which God in this earth has bestowed upon me, I dispose will and bequeath the same as follows.  First, I will all my debts to be paid.  ITEM; I will and bequeath to my two sons ABRAHAM and NATHANIELL MOENENS to either of them two hundred pounds apiece out of readiest money before any other gift or legacy herein shall be made.  ITEM; I give and bequeath unto MARIE MOENEN my Wife three hundred pounds of lawful English money to be paid unto her out of the readiest money after the payment of my said sons legacies of four hundred pounds.  ITEM; I give and dispose to my said wife all my household stuff and linen, woollen, pewter, copper, silverwork, rings and jewels which I shall have or belong to me at the time of my death, saving the linen and woollen belonging to my body which linen and woollen I give to my three sons, JOHN, ABRAHAM and NATHANIELL equally to be shared amongst them.  ITEM; I will that my sons Abraham and Nathaniell shall have all the silver plate given to them at their baptisings.  ITEM; I give to the Dutch Church in Yarmouth ten shillings and to the poor of the same church twenty shillings.  ITEM; I give to the poor of the Dutch Church of the City of Norwich twenty shillings.  The residue of my goods and chattels not above bequeathed, my debts and all my legacies herein first made, I will shall be equally shared between my three sons John, Abraham and Nathaniell and my three Daughters, SARA, JUDITH and ABIGAIL and for performance of this my last will and testament I nominate and appoint the said Marie Moenen my wife sole executrix of this my last will and testament charging her without suit in law truly to fulfil and perform the same; and I make my Brother-in-Law ANGELL HOLLWICKE LEONARDSON and my Son-in-Law THOMAS RUSSE supervisors and give to each of them for their pains and care to be taken herein thirty shillings apiece.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal and published and declared the same as my last will and testament the day and year first above written in the presence of Jacob Barons [  ], John Allwood, Richard Mighells; by me – Martin Moenen



Proved 28th April 1628 by Marie Moenens, relict and executrix


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