1560 Thomas Holland Haberdasher


In the name of God Amen.  AD 1558. I THOMAS HOLLANDE Citizen and Haberdasher of London bequeath my soul unto almighty God to be [   ] with all his saints in heaven and my body to be in the churchyard where it shall please God to call me to his mercy and to be buried with mass and dirge according unto the Catholic Faith.  ITEM I will unto my Wife all my goods moveable and surmountable.  ITEM;  I will unto my Sister ALICE PHILLIPSON my wife’s sister forty shillings.  ITEM;  I will unto Edith Blotham my maid servant forty shillings.  ITEM  I will unto every of my brother HENRY’s children eleven shillings of which MARGARET I do make my sole executrix of this my last testament.  ITEM;  I do remit unto Robert Haslyn twenty-five shillings [? pence] which was true debt unto.  ITEM; I do give unto Thomas Newby Citizen and Clothworker of London twenty shillings.  ITEM;  I will unto Mary Phillipson six shillings [? Pence]; witnesses: Robert Haslyn, Thomas Newby, William Barker, Robert de Frayforde


Proved 12th June 1560 by Robert Holland and Elizabeth Holland with Margaret Holland (relict and executrix)




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