1657 Margaret Pierce


General Abstract of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury No. 666

Testator:                                  MARGARET PIERCE of Parish of St Clement Danes, Middx, widow

Date:                                         24th December 1657

Goddaughter:                         ELIZABETH PARRATT (under 21 years of age and unmarried)

Joseph Pincker

                                                  Master Daniell Man

Daughter:                                MARY PARRATT

Son in Law:                              JOHN PARRATT

                                                  Children of John Parratt gotten of the body of my daughter Mary now his wife

Grandchildren:                       WILLIAM PARRATT, JOHN PARRATT, SUSAN PARRATT

Son:                                          FRANCIS BROWNE

Executor:                                 William Beale, gent

Witnesses:                               John Caffinch, Jeniver Jenkins, Will. Hill (scr.), Wm. Ridgate (serv. to Master Hill)

Proved 20th February 1657/8


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