1642 Thomas Freke


I THOMAS FREKE of Henton Mary in the county of Dorset gent being in healthy and of perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in memory and form following; first I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God who [  ] it and into the hands of Jesus Christ his only son our Lord and Saviour who with his most precious blood redeemed it in assured hope of everlasting salvation through him and my body to be buried in the church of Henton Mary under my seat if it may without much trouble and with convenience be done.  I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife the use of all my household stuff plate linen woollen pewter brass and beds and bedding and what else so ever shall happen to be within my doors during her life and afterwards to remain unto my executor.  I also bequeath unto her the use of my kine, oxen, horses, sheep and [  ] whatsoever withal such hay corn straw and wood which shall be growing in the fields and meadows and in the barns and reeks and [  ] and all such wains chains and plough tackling and plough timber and iron whatsoever for and during the term of five years if she shall happen so long to live and then to make it as good as she finds it  the corn and hay excepted unto my friends in trust that they may equally distribute the same amongst my younger children.  I give and bequeath unto my younger children all my money bonds and bills whatsoever which I shall have owed me at my decease my debts funeral and legacies only discharged to be paid them at their several ages of twenty and one years and in the meantime if it shall chance to happen that any of my younger children shall be rebellious wilful or disobedient unto my executors in trust that then my will and pleasure is that they bestow and distribute what money shall or would be due unto either of them amongst the rest of my children at their pleasures if they shall so think fit, and in the meantime that my executors in trust employ the several legacies and portions for their several benefits.  ITEM;  I give unto the poor of that parish where I shall be buried in two pounds to be paid unto the overseers thereof and to be distributed where most need is; I give and bequeath unto all my domestic servants five shillings apiece to be paid them at the year’s end by my executors and of this my last will and testament I ordain my son THOMAS FREKE my sole executor; and I further will and ordain my well-beloved friends and brothers RAPHE FREKE and WILLIAM FREKE and Christopher Doddington Esquires to be my executors in trust during the minority of my said executor and do desire them to order and dispose of my said children’s legacies for their best advantage and to have the ordering and disposing of their several portions according to the provision in this my last will desiring them to give my poor children their best advice and aid.  In witness whereof to this my will all written with my hand I have hereunto set my seal – Thomas Freke – signed sealed published and declared by the said Thomas Freke to be his last will and testament the day and year above written in the presence of…


Proved 13th June 1642 by Ralphe Freke and Christopher Doddington


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