1614 James Winch of Bray


Will dated 28th March 1614:

Refers to:

Himself:          JAMES WYNCH of Bray, husbandman

Brother:          ROBERT WINCH

Nephew:        SIMON WINCH, his brother Robert’s son

                         Six children of Simon Winch

Cousin             ROBERT WINCH

Cousin Robert’s children:

                         WILLIAM WINCH

                         JOANE WINCH

                         RICHARD WINCH

                         JOHN WINCH

                         GEORGE WINCH

                         JUDITH WINCH

Others:           Thomas Feilde

                         John Feilde

                         John Payne

                         Thomas Grove

                         Andrew Essex

                         John Soward

                         James Barnard

                         Humphrey Stot

                         Ann Woolward

                         ELIZABETH SLYE


                         HELLYN WINCH daughter of SIMON WINCH of [ ] in Bray

                         And six other Simon Winch’s children:

                         RICHARD WINCH

                         ELIZABETH WINCH

                         JANE WINCH

                         SIMON WINCH

                         MARY WINCH

                         ANN WINCH

Nephew:        ROBERT WINCH my brother Robert’s son

Nephew:        JOHN WINCH my brother Robert’s son

Witness:         SYMON WINCH and ROBERT WINCH the Younger


Proved 1st June 1614


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