1626 Anne Hathorne

Anne Hathorne of Bray, widow (25/7/1626)

To be buried near the place where my late husband was buried.  To the poor of Bray three score dozen of bread to be distributed at my burial.  To my eldest son William Hathorne the court cupboard standing in my parlour with two cupboard cloths, a long cart, two dung carts and two pair of wheels.  To my daughter Elizabeth Dellar my best gown and kerchiefs. To my daughter Mary Bishopp my best saddle cloth. To my granddaughter Ann Hathorne my longest tablecloth, one dozen napkins and three pair of sheets.  To every one of my children’s children, namely, my grandchildren that shall be living at my death, a silver spoon of near ten shillings in value, except my godchildren which hath had spoon of me already.  To every other of my godchildren twelve pence each. To my two servants five shillings each.  All the residue of my goods and chattels unbequeathed my debts paid funeral expenses discharged and this my Will performed to my son Nathaniel Hathorne and my sons-in-law George Bishopp, Richard Winche and Richard Dellar, whom I make executors. – Anne Hathorne – witnesses: Henry Powney, Robert Bishopp and (the mark of) Nicholas Pilcher. 


Proved 14th March 1626/7: A commission was issued 21st February 1626/7 to Edward Boughen, vicar of Bray, to swear the executors, which was endorsed 12th March 1626/7 to the effect that they had taken the oath.  Inventory taken 12th February 1626/7 by William Powney and Richard Martyne of Bray, yeomen (Archdeaconry of Berks, original will, 1626).


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