1563 Olyver Holland Grocer


In the name of God Amen.  I OLYVER HOLLAND Grocer make my will and last testament as hereafter followeth.  First and before all other things I commit me unto God and to his mercies believing without any doubt or mistrust that by his grace and the mercies of Jesus Christ and by the virtue of his Passion and of his Resurrection I have and shall have remission of my sins and resurrection of body and soul according as it is written.  I believe that my Redeemer liveth and that in the Last Day I shall rise out of the earth and in my flesh shall be my saviour this my hope is led up in my [] and [] the wealth of my soul the faith that I have taken and [] is sufficient (as I suppose) without any other mans work or works.  My [] and belief is that there is but one God and one mediator between God and man which is Jesus Christ so that I accept none in heaven nor in earth to be mediator between me and God but only Jesus Christ all other be but petitioners in reserving of grace but none able to give influence of grace and therefore will I give no part of my goods for that intent that my own soul said [] to help my soul for them I trust only the promises of Christ he that believeth and is baptised shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned as to [loathing] the burning of my body it [] me not whatsoever be done thereto for Saint Anselm saith that the funeral pomp or either the solace of them that [] them for the wealth and comfort of them that are dead and therefore I remit it only to the discretion of my Executrix and [loathing] the distributing of my temporal goods my purpose is by the grace of God to bestow them to be accepted as the [] of faith so that I do not support that my merit is by good bestowing of them but my merit is the faith of Jesus Christ only by whom such works are good according to the Words of our Lord “I was hungry and thou gavest me to eat etc and it followeth that ye have [] to the rest of my brethren ye have done it to me etc and ever we should consider the true sentence that one good work maketh not a good man but a good man maketh a good work for faith maketh a man both good and righteous for a righteous man liveth by faith and whatsoever [] not of faith is sin; and all my temporal good that I have not given or delivered or not given by writing of my own hand being the date of this present writing I do leave and give to ANNES[1] my wife whom I make my executrix.  Witness this my own hand the [twenty-seventh day] of October AD 1563. And if it fortune after my death that God should call away my wife then I will that all remain unto ELIZABETH and TAMESEN my wife’s children and if God call them away I bequeath it unto my Brother EDMUND HOLLANDE. I bequeath unto my brother Edmund Holland the silver pot in the high [nest] which has a no and a match upon the ewer and I bequeath unto John Vandersmithes three children my three gems of gold that hang together to each of them one. And I give unto Master Kinge the gown that was Atkens which is fixed with budge and a welt of velvet upon it.  Herewise he shall be a help and aid unto my wife more I bequeath three thick [] of gold one unto my brother Roger Gurset and one unto my sister his wife and one unto my brother ARTUR ASHETON and I give unto my man a new cloak and a new [] cap And I bequeath unto my wife all my lease and leases and obligations and [] that belong unto me and if God call her then to remain unto ELLISANDER AND TAMESEN her children And I forgive my Cousin COLENS the debt that he doth owe me and besides that I will that my cousin his wife be well rewarded besides for her pains and this is my full will sealed by us both the [27th] day of October 1563 more I am not able to pay my creditors in Flanders by [] pounds and this a true will so that my wife not look to herself per me Olyver Hollande


Proved 6th November 1563

[1] www.familysearch.org shows Holyware Holland marrying Annys Cobbs on 11th September 1559 at St Matthew Friday Street, London (record extracted for locality)




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