1645 Ann Mayott


It hath pleased the Lord to lay his visiting hand upon me and mine and I cannot but except death and I trust happy in it through Christ my Saviour I would wish that all things might go well and no difference; I have made a will formerly which if please God bless my children I desire may stand; in it I gave my linen among my daughters but it has pleased God to take one of them I desire my sons may have a parcel as their grandmother shall think fit; and in case my son JOHN do die my desire is that my brew house may be let for the good of any children that shall remain so that it may not be any hindrance to my son ROBERT when he shall come of age to have it my brother WINCH is not here neither will come I doubt I desire my brother MAYOTT to take some care of my children which are left behind.  I know my mother in law will be fearful too; I refer them myself and all to the hands of God whom I trust will never leave us comfortless; I desire my brothers and sisters may have xs apiece for a remembrance and my servants vs apiece.  I would give my mother in law one of my rings and my daughter the other.  I would give my brother Mayott my husbands cloak that is lined with [   ] he is at his house desiring – that is he asked his brother to show it to his children I hope that God will move friends to be good to them in bringing them up in the fear of him first and then in some employment to keep them from idleness I would give my uncle ROBERT MAYOTT xxd to buy him something to do him good I desire Mr Herne as my husband did to be helpful to my children and I do give him xxs if this be no hindrance to my will which I have made formerly which is my will I desire this may be done – Anne Mayott – I do owe Mark Loader of Marcham xL I do owe  Mr Maior my uncle Costell xL the widow Alder of Marcham for a score of mault; Mr Riston of Cullam must bring in x qt of mault and then she must have xL  xs; John Crooke of Greenfeild wood owes me vi L I will give it to my cousin Dotchen

In the name of God Amen; I ANNE MAYOTT widow late wife of ROBERT MAYOTT of the parish of St Nicholas within the Borough of Abingdon in the county of Berks gent deceased being sick in body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to God do make and ordain my last will and testament in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator hoping assuredly through the only merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour to be partaker of life everlasting; and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in such decent manner as shall be thought fit by my executor hereafter named.  ITEM; I give unto my sons THOMAS MAYOTT and RICHARD MAYOTT fifty pounds apiece in case they attain unto their several ages of xxi years apiece; and if it shall happen that they or either of them do die before their several ages of xxi years then my will and meaning is that his or their portion so dying shall be void.  ITEM; I give unto my son JOHN MAYOTT one table cloth and long towel and one dozen and half of napkins of my best draper and one pair of my finest sheets.  ITEM; I give unto my son ROBERT MAYOTT two pairs of my strongest [course] sheets and the featherbed bolsters rug and bedding which I now lay upon and one long table cloth and one dozen and a half of lacework napkins to be delivered unto him when he shall come unto the brewhouse according to the intention of his father’s will.  ITEM; I give unto my daughter ALICE all my best childbed linen and my best featherbed bolsters pillows and blankets and rug and my best gown and two best petticoats and my will is the rest of wearing apparel be equally divided amongst my other daughters.  ITEM; I give unto my three daughters ALICE ELIZABETH and ANNE the rest of my fine linen which does not usually go about my house to be equally divided betwixt them; and in case they cannot agree I entreat my mother in law Mrs JOANE MAYOTT to divide the same linen betwixt them.  ITEM; I give unto my sister THORNE five pounds; all the rest of my goods and chattels household stuff and lnen not herein particularly bequeathed I give devise and  bequeath unto my said son John whom I make sole executor of this my last will and testament; and I do appoint that all my younger sons and daughters shall be bred and kept at the charge of my executor until they shall receive their portions respectively; and I do entreat my mother in law Mrs Joane Mayott to dwell in the house with my said son John to see the education and breeding of my children and for her help in housekeeping she paying nothing for her diet; and my desire is that my son Robert may be placed abroad where he may learn to write and better his understanding and that my daughters as they shall grow in age may also be placed abroad with the advice of my said mother in law for their better education and breeding at the charge of my executor; and in case my said son John do not pay the sum of nine hundred pounds towards the raising of portions for my younger children according to the limitations of my late husband’s will then I do hereby appoint that my brother RICHARD WINCH and my brother in law Mr JOHN MAYOTT shall have and enjoy the rents issues and profits of all the houses and lands in Abingdon and Ffyfeild [Fifield] in the county of Berks appointed by my said husband for the raising of my younger children’s portions in such manner as the same is limited to me by his will until the said sum of nine hundred pounds be raised forth of the same for my younger children’s portions; and I do nominate and appoint my said brother Mr Richard Winch and my said brother in law Mr John MAyott overseers of this my last will and testament; and do give unto my brother Winch twenty shillings to buy him a ring and unto my brother in law Mr John Mayott the ring which was my said husband’s for their pains.  In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal the sixteenth day of November in the twentieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King Charles etc AD 1644 – Anne Mayott – signed sealed and published in the presence of James Heron, Joane Mayott, Mary Bostock, Margaret Mayott this which is crossed out I did myself –  Anne Mayott


Proved 15th December 1645 by Joane Mayott on behalf of minors Alice Elizabeth Thomas Robert and Richard Mayott


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