1638 Sara Moene


[Translated out of Dutch]

In the name of God Amen; I SARA MOENE, widow of JAMES DE PUYDT deceased being at this present sick of body but of perfect memory and understanding considering with myself the shortness of this life in this world and the certainty of death and uncertainty of the time thereof have thought good to make this my last will and testament in manner following.  First I do recommend my soul into the hands of God who has created the same and by the merits of his only Son my Saviour Jesu Christ has freed the same from all sin; and my body I do commit to the earth there to rest until the last day and then my hope is that it shall rise again and be rejoined to my soul and so be both glorified and inherit with my Saviour that everlasting and unspeakable joy which he has prepared for his elect from the beginning of the world for which he is ever to be glorified and praised. And concerning my worldly means or goods at the time of my decease I do give and bequeath them as follows.  FIRST that my debts and funeral charges whatsoever they shall amount unto be paid.  Moreover I do give unto my Son THOMAS and my two daughters JUDITH and ABIGALL being my three youngest children five and twenty pounds sterling apiece first and before any of my other children shall share or inherit anything and that for this cause because they are so young and shall cost more before they come to such age as the others already are; and all that which then shall be found to remain over and above my means or goods which I shall leave behind me (when the aforesaid three youngest children shall every one have had five and twenty pounds sterling) the same I do give in manner following: that I have now living eight children namely, JAMES, Thomas, MARY, SARA, ANN, PRISCILLA, Judith and Abigall my estate or means shall be shared or divided amongst them by equal portions the one and no more than the other and that when they shall come to competent age of one and twenty years or estate of marriage and then every one shall enjoy his portion.  Moreover my will and desire is that in case any of my eight children shall happen to depart this life before they shall come to competent age of one and twenty years or estate of marriage in such case the part or portion of the deceased shall be by equal portions divided amongst the survivors and so shall succeed from the one to the other until the last; furthermore my will and desire is that my executor shall put forth the moneys of the non-aged children at interest in the very surest manner unto him possible and that the profit or interest which thereof shall come or proceed shall be for the use and bringing up of my said non-aged children; and if it shall happen that any damage or loss do fall upon those moneys which by my executor shall be so put forth (which God forbid) that in such case the said damage or loss shall fall upon my aforesaid children and my executor shall not have any loss or damage thereby. And for performance of all this I do ordain and appoint by these presents my loving Son in Law RICHARD LAWRENCE for full executor of this my last will and testament praying him in the highest degree to further and effect the execution hereof according to my true intent and meaning for the profit and advantage of my children.  And all this I have with my own hand sealed and signed in the presence of the persons underwritten this thirteenth day of November AD one thousand six hundred thirty and eight in London. Signed – (the mark of) Sara de Prydt – and sealed with a seal in hard wax.  Under is written: Sealed signed and delivered in the presence of these subscribed persons THOMAS RUYS witness ABRAHAM MOONE

Proved 7th December 1638 by Richard Lawrence Executor


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