1648 Ezra Sherley


In the name of God Amen, I EZRA SHERLEY of Blandford Forum in the County of Dorset woollen draper being weak of body but thanks be rendered unto God of perfect remembrance do here make my last will and testament in form and manner as follows.  First I resign my soul into the hands of that God which gave it being fully assured of the salvation thereof by [ ] faith in Jesus Christ who died for the sinners of whom I am chief; then I bequeath my body to the dust from whence it was taken to be buried in the Church of Blandford in consideration whereof I bestow upon that church twenty shillings and as for that other worldly estate wherewith God has in his mercy blessed me I desire in the first place my debts may be paid and then I give unto my daughter MARIE SHERLEY four hundred and fifty pounds in money to be paid her the first monies can be raised after my debts are satisfied.  I give unto my daughters ELIZABETH SHERLEY and MABELL SHERLEY to each of them three hundred and fifty pounds apiece to be paid unto them at the age of two and twenty years or at six months end after their marriage if that prove to be before they come to the age before specified provided always that they marry with the consent of my wife MARIE whom I make my executrix which if they have not they shall then have right to the moiety only of their portions above mentioned and no more.  I give unto my son EZRA SHERLIE one hundred pounds of money to be paid him at the age of twenty four years.  I give unto my servant ANN OLIVER six pound thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid her with as much convenient speed as may be; for my lands I leave them all to my son Ezra to inherit [  ] but I give unto my beloved wife the profits of the land lying at Kingston in the Parish of Great Canford and Blandford Forum aforesaid until it shall please God that my wife shall enjoy Lamiston as her jointure; and that then the lands of Kingston and Blandford shall be for my son Ezra’s better [  ] and to be delivered over to him in his own possession when he shall attain unto the age of twenty two years if the jointure of Lamiston be in my wife’s possession if not then not to delivered over unto him till my wife’s jointure at Lamiston fall it being provided that sufficient maintenance be allowed I give unto my wife the estate of my now dwelling house in Blandford during her life and in case my wife die before the estate be expired I give the remainder of the estate in my house to my son Ezra.  I appoint likewise that in case my wife depart this world before my mother whereby land at Kingston and Blandford and my estate in my house comes immediately into my son’s hands or that my land at Lamiston upon the decease of my mother and my wife both descend unto him in his minority that then my very loving brothers Mr WILLIAM SAVAGE and Mr WILLIAM SHERLEY may have the power to set and let those lands and house to the best advantage and to allow him sufficient maintenance for his education until he be twenty two years giving him then an account of such monies they have received and deducting what has been expended towards his breeding; and I appoint my very loving brothers Mr William Sherley of Shapwick, Mr William Savage of [Weymouth], Mr Richard Savage of Dineligh, Mr George Savage of Blandford to be the overseers of this my last will and testament desiring them to be aiding and assisting unto my executrix upon all occasions.  I give likewise unto the poor of Blandford the sum of forty shillings to be disposed of to such as my executrix shall think to stand in most want; and in witness that this is my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seal the last day of October one thousand six hundred forty eight by me Ezra Sherley in the presence of William Sherley, Augustine Drake

Proved 29th January 1648/9 by Mary Sherley relict and executrix


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