1640 George Johnson


In the name of God Amen. I GEORGE JOHNSON whole in body and in perfect memory do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following. First I commend my soul into the merciful hands of Almighty God my creator will and of Jesus Christ his only son my blessedly Redeemer not doubting but steadfastly believing by faith grounded on his word and gracious promises but as he has redeemed me from death and masked me from my sins in his blood and justified me by faith in his righteousness and satisfaction so he will receive my soul at the departure of it out of my body immediately after death into his heavenly kingdom and for this my [  ] body I commend it to the care of my executrix to be buried in the dust out of which it was first formed with a decent Christian burial ensure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection to immortality and glory. And for all my worldly estate which consist partly in debts which the King’s Majesty that now is and the right honourable the Earl of Keller and diverse others do owe unto me and the interest and lease which I have in Broggbrowe Park in his Majesty’s manor of Amphill during the life of the right honourable the Earl of Keller and my interest in a house and houses in Edinburgh in the realm of Scotland and all my goods chattels and money with horses and all my household stuff I give and bequeath it wholly to my dearly beloved and faithful wife KATHERINE JOHNSON whom I make my sole and only executrix of this my last will and Testament paying only my debts being made with my [  ] the one and twentieth day of May one thousand six hundred thirty-seven and subscribed and sealed the same day [  ] witnessed George Walker Joshua Woolnough [  ] Gityins James Coates


Proved 19th November 1640 by Katherine Johnson, relict and executrix

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