1654 Nathaniell Hathorne


In the name of God Amen; I NATHANIELL HATHORNE of Cookham in the county of Berks gent being weak in body but of good and perfect memory (praised be God) do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following; viz. First I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God my creator trusting assuredly by the merits of Jesus Christ to be saved; and my body I commit to the earth to be buried in such decent manner as to my executrix hereafter named shall be thought fit.  ITEM; I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife MARTHA the sum of eight hundred pounds in lieu of her jointure and of her thirds of all such freehold lands as I have been possessed of since our intermarriage; and whereas I have on the tenth day of September last past before the date hereof sealed a deed of [commons] and in trust unto Doctor Daniell Whistler of London and John Winche of London Haberdasher therein giving unto them full power to dispose of and sell away my manor of South Braham in the county of Somerset with all the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging; and the money raised thereby my will and desire is that it should be disposed of as is expressed in the said deed; that is in the first place for payment of all my just debts which are mentioned in a schedule annexed to the said deed; and the rest and residue thereof for provision and a competent maintenance for myself during my life; and after my decease for provision for my children as is in the said deed expressed; also I give and bequeath unto my four brothers in law THOMAS LOGGINS, JOHN WHISTLER, RALPHE WHISTLER and THOMAS WHISTLER gent and to my own sisters ELIZABETH, MARY and ANNE and JOHN LAWRENCE the husband of the said Anne and to my son in law WILLIAM MATTINGLY and to JONE his wife and to my kinsman WILLIAM EDRIDGE and JUDITH his wife and to ANNE WINCHE the wife of my nephew JOHN WINCH and to my nephew WILLIAM WINCHE to each of these the sum of twenty shillings to buy each of them a ring or to be disposed of as they please;  I also give and bequeath unto all my men and maids covenant servants the sum of ten shillings a piece;  I also give and bequeath unto the poor of the parish of Cookham aforesaid the sum of five pounds and to the poor of the parish of South Braham aforesaid the sum of twenty shillings; all and every the aforesaid sums to be paid within one year next after my decease.  ITEM; all the residue of my goods chattels debts and personal estate whatsoever either in the counties of Devon Somerset or Berks I do wholly give and bequeath unto my said loving wife Martha Hathorne upon this condition that a true inventory be made shortly after my decease and the overplus more than the eight hundred pounds before bequeathed unto her my will is she shall and do put in security within six months after the inventory taken to my two overseers hereafter named that it shall go and remain to my children’s education and [  ] proportionably as she and the said overseers shall think fit charging and commanding each of my said children to be content and satisfied with that and such portions as is and shall be allotted them out of the estate of my manor of Broxham; my meaning is that after my rents and charges and funeral expenses being discharged I do hereby appoint my loving wife Martha to be my sole executrix desiring my two loving kinsmen Doctor Daniell Whistler of Gresham College and John Winche of London Haberdasher to be overseers of this my said will and to advise my wife concerning my said children as aforesaid giving to each of them twenty shillings a piece.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty-seventh day of September in the year one thousand six hundred fifty twoNathaniell Hathorne – sealed subscribed and acknowledged this to be my true and perfect last will in the presence of Margaret Londnin, John Hathorne

Proved 29th July 1654 by Martha Hathorne, relict and executrix


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