1660 Edward Markland


In the name of God Amen; I EDWARD MARKLAND now dwelling in the parish of [St} Botolph Bishopsgate London being in good and perfect sense and remembrance praise be given to Almighty God, considering the frailty of mankind and that there is nothing more certain than death and nothing more uncertain than his hour of the same, do of my own free and voluntary will make and ordain this my testament and last will in form following.  FIRST; I do commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost three persons in unity and Trinity and one God through Jesus Christ the second person in the Trinity my only Saviour and Redeemer; and my body to the earth Christianly to be buried.  And now as concerning my temporal goods which the Lord of his goodness has bestowed upon me and I shall leave as follows: vizt. Imprimis I do give and bequeath unto JOHN PARKER son unto my brother and sister PARKER one hundred pounds and to their daughters now living that is to say unto ELIZABETH, SARAH, MARY and ANNE and MARTHA PARKER I say unto each and every of them one hundred pounds to be paid them at the age of one and twenty years or sooner if my executor shall think fitting.  ITEM; I do give and bequeath unto my sister ELIZABETH PARKER my cabinet with what rings are in it together with my watch I now wear.  ITEM; I give unto my brother JOHN PARKER my best beaver hat with my new black suit and cloak.  ITEM; I give and bequeath unto my loving friends Capt. John Hyde, Mr Thomas Murchwaite, Mr William Strange, Mr Thomas Davies, my uncle MICHAEL MARKLAND and my friend Mr George Pryor to each of them a ring of twenty shillings.  ITEM; I do give unto the Clerks of the Assurance office to each of them a ring of ten shillings.  ITEM; I give unto Henry Hall, my tailor a ring of ten shillings.  ITEM; I do forgive Thomas Broadbent what money he owes me.  ITEM; I do make ordain and appoint my dear father JOHN MARKLAND my executor leaving unto him the rest of my estate and goods not already disposed of not doubting of his fidelity in performance.  I do further give unto Anne Keeler our servant now living with us for her trouble in my time of sickness three pounds; and this I declare to be my last will and testament renouncing all other whatsoever – Edward Markland – signed sealed delivered and published this twelfth day of July one thousand six hundred sixty in presence of Henry Hall


Proved 24th August 1660 by John Markland father and executor


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