1843 Stephen Phillips


In the name of God Amen, I Stephen PHILLIPS late Supervisor of Excise at Salisbury now living on Milford Hill in the Parish of Milford in the County of Wilts, revoking all other appoint this my last will and testament.

I appoint Sarah PHILLIPS my beloved wife to be my whole executor, to receive the interest of all the money put out for that purpose, also to enjoy all my personal property during her life; she is to have the ordering of all the money in the house at my death and while she remains a widow and after my funeral expenses and my debts is paid.  I give and bequeath to my eldest son Stephen PHILLIPS after his mother’s death three hundred and fifty pounds of the money in his hands that the said Stephen Phillips immediately after his mother’s death is to pay his sister Maria Martha WHISSON as I give and bequeath five hundred pounds of the money in his hands also at his mother’s death as I give and bequeath to pay his brother Francis Holmes PHILLIPS two hundred and fifty pounds without any deduction whatever out of the money in his hands and at the same time as I give and bequeath he is to pay James Phillips FLETCHER out of the money in his hands fifty pounds and after my death to pay his mother for all the money in his hands the interest at the rate of five per cent per annum with any arrear of interests and to pay quarterly or oftener if required, and his mother shall be empowered to sue and to receive the whole amount of the principal in his hands if any danger should appear at any time. I also give and bequeath to my son Stephen the John Dela Fletcher work in nine volumes. I give and bequeath in addition to all ready mention to my son Francis Holmes Phillips what money may remain in the Salisbury Saving Bank after his mother’s death, all my wearing apparel, Mr Benson’s commentary in four volumes on the old and new testaments with Baxter’s Saints everlasting rest. Also I give and bequeath to Stephen Phillips the son of my son Francis after my death my silver watch with the gold chain and gold seal with the initials on.  I give and bequeath in addition to all ready mentioned after her mother’s death to my daughter Martha Maria WHISSON my light day spring clock, the best feather bed, her sister Mary’s piece of embroidery in the gilded frame as it now stands, the Reverend John Wesley’s Works in seventeen volumes with all other books or memoirs of lives which may be in her mother’s possession at her death. And last I give and bequeath all the furniture in my wife’s possession at her death to be sold and after the funeral expenses is paid should any remains to be equally divided between my son Francis and his sister Martha M Whisson and I appoint Mr Francis HOLMES of Rodborough near Stroud and Mr John Nosley Jnr. Of Cairncross both in Gloucestershire to be trustees of this my last will and testament for which trouble they will receive no recompense till the resurrection of the justs. Witness my hand and seal. Read sealed the 5th day of January 1842 – Stephen PhillipsSigned sealed and delivered by the said testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us – Mary Jane Cole, Charles Gray.

Proved 1843