1714 Sarah Pitt


In the name of God Amen.  I Sarah Pitt widow of John Pitt Esq. Late President for Affairs of the English East India Company at Madapollum do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say First I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God behoving remission of sins and everlasting life by the merits death and passion of Jesus Christ my Lord and only saviour my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the direction of my hereafter named trustee and as for the worldly estate with which it has pleased God to bless me I give bequeath and dispose thereof as followeth that is to say after the payment of all lawful debts and demands I order if a bond which my brother Richard Charlton gave my deceased husband Mr Pitt for two hundred pounds be not discharged that it be paid out of my estate and that he has no trouble about it.  ITEM I give to my sister Anne Charlton twenty pounds sterling for every year during her natural life to be paid her yearly in England without risque (sic.) of the sea in sending it home.  ITEM I give to my sister Margaret Graham provided she marry’s (sic.) not in India and will go for England with her son John within two years after my decease two hundred pagodas and acquit her of all she owes me upon any account whatsoever and I further allow her after her arrival in England twenty pounds a year during her natural life so long as she lives single.  ITEM I give to every son my brother Richard Charlton shall have at the time of my decease one hundred pounds sterling each to bind them apprentices to east India Commanders or to pay for their fitting out as factors or writers in the East India Company’s Service or in any other seafaring or merchantile (sic.) business it being my meaning as well as desire that none of them be put to mean trades.  ITEM I give to my nephew John Graham [   ] pounds to be paid him at the age of twenty one and ten pounds a year during the time he goes to school in England and twenty five pounds a year for the first six years he is at the university provided he be bred a scholar and sent a student thither otherwise I give one hundred pounds to bind him an apprentice to the sea or to fit him out in some merchants business.  ITEM I give to my daughter Mary Wavell[1] one thousand pounds to be paid her at the age of twenty one or the day of marriage ITEM I order that my niece Florentia Charlton[2] be maintained out of my estate at the direction of my hereinafter mentioned trustee so long as she lives unmarried.  ITEM I give to my good friend Mr Gulston Addison for his encouragement to take care of the estate and his trouble three thousand pagodas.  Lastly I give and bequeath all my estate of what nature soever unto my son George Morton Pitt to be delivered into his hands with its profits at the age of thirty provided he obliges himself to make good all such legacies or annuities mentioned in this my will and till such time as he shall come to the age of thirty I order and appoint my good friend Mr Gulston Addison overseer or trustee to this my will desiring him to possess himself of all my estate of what nature soever and turn it into ready moneys all which I desire may be employed in adventures to sea or lent out at land interest as the said Gulston Addison shall think best out of which profits I order yearly to be sent to England as much as will discharge the legacies left in this my will and I order that whatever accounts my said trustee Gulston Addison give that they be passed without putting him to his oath or giving him the least trouble and in case of the mortality of said Gulston Addison I appoint Mr Edward Fleetwood my trustee in his stead to act according to the aforementioned directions to be accountable yearly to my son George Morton Pitt or his assigns for all that shall pass through his hands and to be at last discharged upon oath if my said son or his assigns shall require it but in case my son George Morton Pitt dies before he comes to be thirty years of age and has no children then I give all my estate with the profits it shall [   ] unto my daughter Mary Wavell when she shall arrive at the age of thirty years and till such time to be employed as beforesaid at sea or land interest by my said trustee Gulston Addison I declare this to be my last will and testament revoking all others made by me at any time. Fort St George May the fourth anno domini one thousand seven hundred and sixSarah Pitt – Signed sealed and declared to be my last will and testament where no stamped paper is to be had in the presence of – John Faxon – Anthony [    ]


Probate 10/12/1714Dicesimo die mensis decembris anno domini millesimo sept… decimo quarto…

[1] Daughter of Sarah Pitt (née Charlton, formerly Wavell) by her husband Thomas Wavell (married 1865 Boyd’s Marriage Index  1538-1840)

[2] She married Christopher Cradock (qv)


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