1556 Dame Julian Norwich


In Dei Nomine, Amen. The 19th day of June the year of our Lord God (1556) a thousand five hundred fifty and six, I Julian NORWICH of the parish of Barking in the County of Essex, widow, being of good and perfect remembrance, make my testament and last will after this form and manner following.  First I remit my soul until the (xxx) and (xxx) of God to the blessed Virgin Mary and all the holy company of heaven, and my body to be buried at the discretion of my executor.  ITEM; I bequeath to George Male and William Shaw my servants the lease of Esthall in Dagenham to be equally divided between them.  ITEM; I bequeath to Anne EASTON my niece the farm that Stephen (Shank) dwells in the parish of Hornchurch to have the same farm to her and her heirs and assigns forever.  ITEM; I will that all my houses and lands that were bought of Robert (Cubde) shall be sold by my executor to pay my debts with all and the rest to be given to Stephen TYRELL my nephew.  ITEM; I bequeath to Stephen Tyrell my premises at the Wall end in the parish of Estham to him his heirs and assigns forever and he to pay my niece Anne Easton the forty pounds that I owe her.  ITEM; I will that William Pyckman of Dagenham shall have the lease of 17 acres of marsh land lying in Dagenham for (ten) years paying yearly for the same six pounds 13 shillings 4 pence.  ITEM; I bequeath to Thomas Toogood 6 pounds 13 shillings and 4 pence.  ITEM; I bequeath to Mistress Susan (Sylianda) twenty pounds.  ITEM; I will that John Lythe of Dagenham shall (have) a lease of the lands lying in Dagenham that was lately in the occupying of William Armstrong late of Dagenham paying yearly therefore as appears in the draft of the lease.  ITEM; I bequeath to Christ’s Hospital in London forty (shillings); to the poor people of the parish of  St Andrews Undershaft in London 40 (shillings) and to the poor people in Barking 40 (shillings).  The rest of my goods, my debts paid and my funerals discharged, I give and (xxx) to my nephew George CROFT of Chigwell in the County aforesaid whom I make my executor (xxx) and dispose my goods for the health and comfort of my soul, and I make also my nephew John CAREW of Romford the overseer of this my last will. In witness being present at the making of this testament – William HEWET, Alderman of London, Denys LEWSON, widow, William LEWSON, Edward Ryley, parson of St Andrews Undershaft in London, William Pickman of Dagenham, George Male, William Shaw, Thomas (Evgard), William Hewet Alderman, William Leveson

Proved 10th July 1556