1647 Christopher Pitt of Pimperne


To all people whom these presents shall come CHRISTOPHER PITT of Pimperne in the county of Dorset sends greetings know ye that I in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear unto LUCE PITT my wife and to my children have given and granted and by these presents I do give and grant unto my loving friends Richard Swayne of Tarrant Gunvile in the said county of Dorset Esq, Robert Hassham of Wolland in the said county, clerke, and John Fussell of Blandford in the said county ,gent all my leases, bills, bonds, specialties, moneys, household stuff, corn, cattle, goods and chattels whatsoever real and personal, moveable and immoveable within the realm of England as well in my own hands or custody as in the hands custody or name of any other person or persons whatsoever in trust for me or to my use to have and to hold the same and every part and parcel thereof unto them the said Richard Swayne, Robert Hasham and John Fussell their executors administrators and assigns forever nevertheless upon this special trust and confidence and to this intent and purpose that my said friends Richard Swayne, Robert Hasham and John Fussell their executors and assigns shall permit and suffer my said wife to have and take the yearly increase issue and profits of all my said leases goods and chattels and premises for the present maintenance of them my said children until one or more of my said children shall marry with the consent of my said wife and friends in trust or the survivor or survivors of them and then so much of my said leases goods and chattels shall be taken up and bestowed for the preferment and marriage of my said children or child as my said wife and friends or the survivors or survivor of them shall think fit from time to time as such occasion shall be offered or happen and my said wife shall have the overplus of the said increase issues and profits of the goods and chattels remaining during her natural life for the maintenance of herself and my unmarried children; and after her death the remainder of my said goods and chattels with the increases and profits thereof shall be equally divided and paid unto and amongst my surviving unmarried children; and if all my said children shall be married in the lifetime of my said wife then the remainder and overplus of my said leases goods and chattels shall be given and employed by my said wife unto such of my children or such child of mine as she my said wife shall please and think fit.  Witness my hand and seal the seventeenth day of February one thousand six hundred forty three (Anno 29th Caroli Regis) – Christopher Pitt – sealed and delivered in the presence of Edmond Dickinson, Jo. Straight, Jo. Yonge


Proved 22nd January 1647/8 by Lucie Pitt, relict



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