1591 John Swayne


In the name of God Amen.  I JOHN SWAYNE of Blandford Forum in the Countie of Dorset being of perfect remembrance yet weak of body do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following; that is to say: first I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God and my body to be buried within the Church or churchyard of Blandford Forum aforesaid.  ITEM; I give and bequeath ten pounds unto JOHN PITT my son Christopher Comage and Robert Keynell of Blandford Forum aforesaid to be employed by them and their assigns so that the profit thereof may be employed on the poor people in the Alms House in Blandford Forum aforesaid from time to time.  And if the said ten pounds may remain forever a stock for that purpose but I refer the ordering thereof to their discretions.  ITEM; I give forty shillings in money to be distributed amongst the poor people of Blandford Forum aforesaid.  ITEM; I give to every of the parishes undernamed that is to say Dorweston Pimperne Laughton Spetesburie Charlton Milton Whitchurch Tarrant Gunvile and Wimborne to every of them five shillings apiece.  ITEM; I give to my men servants to whom I give no other legacy besides their wages six shillings eight pence; and to every maid servant to whom I give no other legacy besides her wages five shillings.  ITEM; I give to my servants Dominyc and Alice Frye forty shillings apiece because they have served me without wages. And to every of my Godchildren twelve pence apiece.  ITEM; I give and bequeath unto JOHANE PITT my daughter one hundred pounds of current English money to be paid unto the said Jone Pitt wihtin one year next after my decease.  ITEM; I give and bequeath unto every of my children’s children other than such to whom I have given legacies by this my will ten shillings apiece.  And to Margaret Frye five pounds and to Ruth Oliver ten shillings.  ITEM; I give unto my son ROBERT one silver goblet; and whereas Richard Churchill alias Francys of Blandford Forum aforesaid did by his last will and testament devise and bequeath to John Rives of Damerys Court within the parish of Blandford Forum aforesaid esquire and my self and our heirs the sum of ten pounds to the good and sufficient sureties lend out the said ten pounds to such poor craftsmen of Blandford Forum aforesaid as we should think meet and convenient; and for the executing thereof did will and bequeath to either of us a ring of gold.  Now my will and mind is and by these presents I do charge my heirs that they do see this trust reposed in us to be discharged and executed to the most of these poor; and for remembrance thereof I do by these presents give and bequeath unto my son Robert Swayne my heir apparent the said ring wishing that the same may continue unto our heirs for ever for a remembrance to execute the trust reposed in us.  ITEM; I give unto my son JOHN SWAYNE my white silver bell which I had of my [S…  ].  ITEM; I give to THOMAS PITT son of the said Johane Pitt ten pounds of current English money.  ITEM;  I give unto ELLENOR MARGARET SUSAN and ALICE PITT four of the daughters of the said John Pitt which are now unmarried five pounds apiece to be paid at their marriages.  The residue of all my goods leases and chattels moveable and unmoveable my debts being paid I give and bequeath unto RICHARD SWAYNE my son whom I make and ordain my sole executor of this my last will and testament; and I make Robert freake William Churchill and John Pitt my sons in law and Robert Swayne my son and heir apparent my overseers of this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I the said John Swayne have to these presents set my hand and seal the seventeenth day of February in the 33rd year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defenders of the Faith [17/2/1590/1]. Sealed and signed in the presence of Robert Swayne John Pitt John Swayne … John Swayne

Proved 22nd October 1591


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