1716 William Warre of Madras


In the name of God Amen.  I WILLIAM WARRE of Madras in the East Indies being in a perfect state of health mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same but considering the many hazards my life is subject to do therefore make and ordain my last will and testament in manner and form following First I bequeath my soul into the hands of my heavenly Father hoping to receive pardon for all my sins and my body to the earth in hopes of a joyful resurrection at the last day ITEM I give and bequeath unto my son William and to his heirs male all that estate left me by my father at Bradford in Somersetshire or elsewhere and in the case of his decease or failure of issue then to my next eldest son that I now have or hereafter may have in the like manner aforesaid and in case of failure of my issue male then I give and bequeath the said estate at Bradford and all other my moneys goods houses lands and tenements all my credits personal estate and chattels whatsoever to my dear wife Florentia Warre my very good friends Osmond Beauvoir Esqr of Balms in the County of Middx and the Reverend Mr George Lewis late minister of Fort St George their geirs and assigns for ever upon this trust that they and the survivors and survivor of them shall cause a just inventory to be taken and made soon after my decease when after the discharge of my funeral expenses and payment of my debts my will is that the then overplus and remainder (except the estate of Bradford &ca as before mentioned) shall be employed from time to time as my said wife and other trustees shall think fit for the better maintenance of my wife and children and that a just dividend thereof (house furniture excepted) be made when one or any one of my children living shall be arrived to the age of one and twenty years and equally given share and share alike to and amongst my wife and children then being (the estate of Bradford as before excepted) My will and meaning is that the shares of such children under age shall remain in the hands of my trustees aforesaid till their respective ages of one and twenty years daughters excepted who shall attain their age of one and twenty sooner and on the day of their marriage if it be with the consent of the trustees aforesaid and in case of the death of one or any of my children after such dividend made and before they shall have attain’d their respective ages of one and twenty then his her or their share or shares shall be divided in the same proportion aforesaid to and amongst the survivors and survivor and my said wife if not married after my decease ITEM I will that the dividends aforesaid shall all be made at or upon the day of next marriage of my said wife after my decease and then my said wife shall be excluded from all further benefits only the enjoyment of her equal share aforesaid and the house furniture which I give and bequeath unto her for her use and of this my last will and testament I make and ordain my said wife (in case she marries not after my decease) Osmond Beauvoir Esqr and Mr George Lewis as aforesaid executors in trust giving them and each of them full power and authority from time to time to reimburse themselves all costs charges and expenses which they or any of them shall be put to lay out or expend for or by the loss of any money through the insolvency of any debtor or debtors whatsoever or howsoever otherwise in or about the management or execution of the Trust aforesaid and that none of them shall be accountable for the receipt of other of them My will being that neither of my said friends in trust shall or may in any wise be damnyfied (sic.) or receive any loss for or by reason or in respect of the execution or performance of this my said last will and testament or otherwise in relation to the trust in them reposed giving to each of them twenty pagodas or ten pounds sterling to buy them a ring ITEM I give unto my honoured mother twenty pounds ster’ and to my brother and sister John and Ann Hoadly ten pounds ster’ each to buy them rings [of mourning] as they may think fit In case of my decease in India my request is to my dr wife that she goes to England so soon as she can conveniently and that then she commits the care of my concerns in India unto my very good friends Mr Richd Gordon and Mr Charles Long and that she desires their assistance during her stay here and makes them a suitable gratuity for their trouble out of the estate And in the case of the decease of my dear wife before me I then do appoint my aforesaid friends Gordon and Long trustees here in India who are desired to transmit to my executors in Great Britain aforenamed and inventory or estimate of the estate I may die possessed of and wait their orders for committing or sending it to them if the president and [   ] will take what ready money may come to their hands from time to time at 6 or 7 p ct p ann’ interest they may let it out until they receive orders from my executors in Great Britain  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3d day of May anno domini 1715William Warre – Signed and sealed where no stamp & paper is to be had published and declared by the within named William Warre to be his last will and testament in the presence of us signed in the presence of the testator and of each other – Tho Theobald – Thos Robson – Geo Woollasten


Probate 8/11/1716 – Probatum fuit hujus modi testamentum [  ] London octavo die mensis novembris anno domini millesimo septuigenimo decimo sexto ….


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